Call Answering / Client Scheduling

Can your clients reach you? Or are they reaching your voicemail?

The average counselor is in session about 6 hours a day (that’s 30 clinical hours a week). This makes counselors extremely difficult to reach by telephone.

Because of this, clients (and potential new clients) who call a counselor often get the therapist’s voicemail. Often, potential new clients will not leave a message, and simply try to call and reach another counselor in their area. When callers do leave messages, the ensuing game of phone tag could go on for a long time…

Thriveworks can help. Our provider-customers benefit from affordable, phone call answering by a trained staff who can take messages, reschedule appointments, and even book new clients (using an online calendar).

Interested in learning more? Simply call us a 1-855-4-THRIVE. We look forward to talking with you!

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