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The television personality Andy Rooney once stated, “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Sometimes we spend so much time focused on the things we want to achieve that we forget to nurture our daily experiences. And our inner lives contribute powerfully to how we perceive the minutes and hours of our days. For example, if you are depressed, the world can have a negative pallor. If you’re anxious, the world can seem fearful. And if you’re stressed, the world just seems like one task after another that you’ll never catch up on. But there are better ways to live. 

The licensed mental health providers like counselors and therapists at Thriveworks in Novi, MI help support a person’s mental and behavioral health so they can lead more fulfilling lives from day to day. Counselors might help their clients with mindfulness practices that can enrich their moments. They can help clients with cognitive strategies to overcome maladaptive thinking patterns. And psychiatrists can prescribe medications in addition to providing psychotherapy to improve overall brain functioning. 

Everyone deserves exceptional care for their mental health. After all, mental health is health. If you need psychological support in your daily life, you can trust Thriveworks. 

Are Therapy and Counseling the Same Thing?

As mental health services, therapy and counseling are often used synonymously, but they are a little different. Here’s a quick guide to what different mental health providers do at Thriveworks in Novi, MI:

  • Licensed professional counselors (LPCs) generally help clients achieve their short-term goals through practical problem-solving and psychological support.
  • Psychotherapists provide talk therapy, including evidence-based approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Psychologists (usually PsyDs or PhDs) help clients with their mental and behavioral health through psychotherapy. Psychologists can be counseling psychologists or clinical psychologists. 
  • Psychiatrists (MDs) can diagnose, treat, and help prevent mental health conditions. They can prescribe and manage psychotropic medications and do psychotherapy. 
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) focus on improving relationships between couples and family members.
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) provide counseling and help clients navigate social services.

Why Is Mental Health Important?

Mental health is not only important, it is critical. People need a solid foundation of good mental health in order to live their best lives. Great mental health doesn’t mean that you never get sad or anxious. Those are normal human emotions. But great mental health does mean that you can regulate and cope with negative feelings without getting overwhelmed. 

That’s easier said than done, of course, which is why professional counseling services exist. The mental health providers at Thriveworks in Novi, MI can assist clients in improving their mental health in the following ways, and many more:

  • Educate clients on healthy strategies they can use to manage distress and conflict.
  • Help reinforce a person’s strengths.
  • Discover meaningful insights into someone’s maladaptive coping strategies.
  • Evaluate complex symptoms and diagnosing mental health conditions. (An accurate diagnosis can help guide effective treatment.) 
  • Support couples and family members as they troubleshoot their intimate bonds.

Can I See a Primary Care Doctor for a Mental Health Condition?

Many people initially bring symptoms of a mental health condition to their primary care doctor. This is a far superior course of action to not seeking treatment at all, of course, but it’s also not ideal. Primary care doctors typically don’t have the specialized training to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. The good news is they can refer people to someone like a Thriveworks psychiatrist who has the expertise and insights to help.

Is Therapy Affordable?

Therapy at Thriveworks in Novi, MI can be very affordable. All the providers at Thriveworks are fully licensed, nationwide, which means that they accept most health insurance plans. If you’re not sure if your health insurance covers counseling services, you can call our office and we’ll help you figure it out. For people without health insurance, Thriveworks offers reasonable self-pay rates. Online counseling options can also save clients money by negating the need to travel to appointments or even take off work. Virtual sessions can take place on evenings and weekends. 

Get Premium Support at Thriveworks in Novi, MI

At Thriveworks in Novi, MI, clients get premium support without the premium prices. Mental health providers can meet with first-time clients quickly, sometimes in as few as 24-48 hours of their initial call. Thriveworks providers can also meet clients in a way that’s most convenient and comfortable for them. For example, clients can do online counseling or in-person counseling at their preference. They can also choose a hybrid model of care. As an additional membership benefit, Thriveworks clients can always access their provider by phone or email between sessions. 

Call Thriveworks today to get matched with an exceptional provider. We look forward to helping you on your mental health journey.

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