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There are some people who roll with the punches without skipping a beat. Others struggle to manage the challenges that they are confronted with. If this sounds like you, know that you are not alone.

Sometimes life deals us an unexpected hand that we don’t know what to do with. Thriveworks Counseling in Worcester understands that we never know what might come our way. For example, common mental health issues and other life problems include:

  • Challenges in our relationships
  • Major life transitions
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety or depression
  • Stress and difficult emotions

We want you to know that we are here to help you. You can work with a counselor, therapist, life coach, psychiatrist, or psychologist at Thriveworks in Worcester, MA to manage your personal challenges. The experienced therapists and life coaches at Thriveworks Counseling in Worcester can offer professional guidance and support throughout one’s life.

If you’re looking for Worcester therapy, our Thriveworks team would be happy to help. We can get you all set up for your first appointment today. Just call (508) 409-6134 for assistance.

Can Thriveworks Worcester Counseling Help Me?

Knowing when to ask for help can be hard. “What is normal? When does something become a problem?” you might wonder.

It’s important to remember that this is a sliding scale. Each person is different and has unique needs, which can be met in counseling.

People seek counseling for many reasons. Some have a serious mental illness, while others are struggling with life transitions or relationship issues. Here is a longer list of reasons someone might seek help from a professional:

  • Changes in mood that affect your daily life (such as anger, depression)
  • Relationship troubles (marital, parent-child)
  • Problems making decisions
  • Career and life transitions
  • Difficulty coping with a major change or loss
  • Excessive worry keeps you from doing things
  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope

You may not know exactly what is causing you distress, and that’s okay. A Thriveworks counselor, therapist, or psychologist can help you sort out what is causing you distress and develop a plan that is right for you. This plan might involve cognitive behavioral therapy, depression therapy, marriage counseling, or another type of therapy.

The dedicated team at Thriveworks in Worcester offers client-centered care. Our counselors understand how difficult asking for help can but we want you to know that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It is a reflection of strength and self-care when you can reach out for help.

What Services Are Offered at Thriveworks in Worcester?

Thriveworks in Worcester is proud to offer many different mental health services. These services help to address specific problems, many of which we just listed above. For example, we can offer our clients:

Additionally, we can provide life coaching services. Life coaching is led by our certified, licensed professionals (unlike many other life coaching programs). The major difference between counseling and life coaching is that life coaching focuses on helping people set and achieve their goals, guiding them to greater success.

If you think you could benefit from working with a professional to develop smarter goals and come up with an action plan for actually achieving these goals, you could benefit from working with a life coach at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling. Also, if you’re struggling to find meaning or fulfillment, our life coaches can step in and make a difference. They’ll assist you with finding this meaning and fulfillment in your professional as well as your personal life, or wherever that might be lacking.

Should I Talk to a Board-Certified Psychiatrist at Thriveworks?

Are you struggling with a mental illness, personality disorder, or addictive behaviors? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed but the board-certified psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Worcester, MA can help.

While there are many kinds of mental health professionals, psychiatrists are medical doctors who can analyze the physical aspects of mental illness and prescribe medication when necessary.

After conducting a thorough evaluation of psychological and physical symptoms, your psychiatrist can provide a diagnosis and determine an effective treatment plan. Psychiatrists may employ a number of treatment options including talk therapy, medication, or a combination of the two.

Thriveworks psychiatrists are standing by to offer mental health treatment and support. Reach out to schedule your first virtual appointment today.

Schedule Counseling or Life Coaching at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling

If you are looking for Worcester therapy, Thriveworks Counseling is here to help. When you call our office, a scheduling specialist will take some basic information so that they can pair you with a counselor who is equipped to meet your needs. They can also answer any questions you may have about our services.

From your first call, you will find that Worcester Counseling at Thriveworks is different. We work hard to earn our clients’ respect and trust. We know your time is valuable and that you don’t want to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

We can usually pair you with a counselor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or life coach within 24 hours. From there, the process of healing and growing can begin. Additionally, we have flexible session times in the evenings and on the weekends, as well as online counseling opportunities.

Reaching out is the first step on your journey to wellness. We have professionals who can help you reach your destination. The experienced team at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling would be honored to take the journey with you. Call Thriveworks Worcester Counseling today and let us help you discover greater health, happiness, and success.

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Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
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A free e-copy of "Leaving Depression Behind"
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I have been seeing Jeffrey White for four months now, to deal with longstanding issues related to a traumatic childhood. He has taught me so much about how trauma affects the body and mind and how to change that. That education, along with his compassion and encouragement have helped me get to a place of calm and confidence that would have seemed impossible to me before starting therapy. I'm so grateful for his help - it's been transformational for me.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Jeffrey White Therapist Review

I have been a client of Jeffrey White from Thriveworks for a few months now. We meet weekly and after each session I feel educated and heard. His ability to hold space for me is recognized and appreciated ten fold. Our sessions involve a combination of therapy and coaching, and I couldn't ask for someone better to just listen to me and provide objective feedback. If you are looking for an educated, thoughtful, and inspirational therapist, Jeff White is your person.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Jeffrey White – Best Counseling and Therapist I ever had

Me and my husband are having counseling therapy with Jeffrey White, he not only is a compassionate person but the only professional that has been able to clearly identify the root of our issues and work with us in ways that makes us feel absolutely confident that we are becoming stronger as individuals and also a better couple. We are incredibly grateful to have him as a therapist and every time we finish a session with him, we can't wait to till the next one!
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Highly recommend

Everyone I have met has been Compassionate professional individuals. Especially Nicole! Thank you!
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Thriveworks is amazing

Thanks to this wonderful community I have been better than ever and I can finally say I feel happy & I owe it to the company and of course Susan.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

The appointment went well.

The appointment went well. I’ll go back.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Very helpful, insightful and objective advice

Very helpful, insightful and objective advice
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Great insight into ourselves as well as relationships.

Great insight into ourselves as well as relationships.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester


Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Insightful and engaged therapists

Insightful, engaged therapists, definitely a very professional organization hiring the very best people.
Thriveworks Counseling Worcester

Very attentive

Very attentive to hearing everything I had to say.
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