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Mental Health Services in Worcester, MA—Worcester Counseling, Therapy, and Life Coaching

There are people who seem to just roll with the punches. Others have a harder time. They struggle to understand why something has happened. They try desperately to “roll with it,” to get back on track, but find themselves stuck doing the same thing over and over. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Sometimes life deals us an unexpected hand. Sometimes that hand is a minor annoyance; sometimes it’s life-changing. Thriveworks Worcester Counseling understands that we never know what might come our way. When we’re met with challenges, like mental illness, relationship issues, major life transitions, and difficult emotions, we want you to know that we are here to help you. You can work with a counselor, therapists, life coach, or psychologist at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling to manage mental health challenges and other life problems.

“People with mental health conditions deserve just as much support and compassion as people with physical health conditions.” –Anonymous

The experienced therapists and life coaches at Worcester Counseling can offer professional guidance and support throughout one’s life. If you think that you could benefit from a relationship with a skilled, caring counselor, contact our office today. We’ll be happy to get you all set up for your first appointment. Just call (508) 409-6134 and we’ll assist you.

Can Thriveworks Worcester Counseling Help Me?

Knowing when to ask for help can be hard. “What is normal? When does something become a problem?”

Each person is different and there’s no easy answer. People seek counseling for many reasons. Some have serious mental illness; some are struggling with life transitions or relationship issues; others come seeking support and guidance. Additional reasons someone might seek help from a professional include:

  • Changes in mood that affect your daily life (such as anger, depression)
  • Relationship troubles (marital, parent-child)
  • Problems making decisions
  • Career and life transitions
  • Difficulty coping with a major change or loss
  • Excessive worry that keeps you from doing things
  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope

You may not know exactly what is causing you distress. You just know that you are off your game and not feeling your best. That’s okay. A Thriveworks Worcester counselor, therapist, or psychologist can help you sort out what is causing you distress and develop a plan that is right for you.

The dedicated team at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling understands how difficult asking for help can be. But we want you to know that seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It is a reflection of strength and self-care when you can reach out for help. Counseling is truly a gift you give yourself.

What Is Life Coaching? How and Who Can It Help?

Life coaching is another valuable mental health service offered at Thriveworks. This is led by our certified, licensed professionals (unlike many other life coaching programs). The major difference between counseling and life coaching is that life coaching focuses on helping people set and achieve their goals; guiding people toward greater success.

If you think you could benefit from working with a professional to develop smarter goals and come up with an action plan for actually achieving these goals, you could benefit from working with a life coach at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling. Also, if you’re struggling to find meaning or fulfillment, our life coaches can step in and make a difference. They’ll assist you with finding this meaning and fulfillment in your professional as well as your personal life, or wherever that might be lacking.

Schedule Counseling or Life Coaching at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling

Finding help is easy! Simply call Thriveworks Worcester Counseling and one of our dedicated staff members will help you get started. When you call, they will take some basic information so that they can pair you with the appropriate Thriveworks Worcester Counseling provider. They can also answer any questions you may have about our services.

From your first call, you will find that Worcester Counseling is different. We work hard to earn our clients respect and trust. We know your time is valuable and that you don’t want to wait days or weeks for an appointment. We can usually pair you with a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or life coach within 24 hours. From there, the healing begins. Additionally we have flexible session times in the evenings and on the weekends, as well as online counseling opportunities.

Reaching out is the first step on your journey to wellness. We have the professionals who can help you reach your destination. The experienced team at Thriveworks Worcester Counseling would be honored to take the journey with you. Call Thriveworks Worcester Counseling today and let us help you discover greater health, happiness, and success.

Our Clients Get More

We call this The Thriveworks Difference

  Thriveworks Typical Counseling Practice
Offices open early and late
Same- or next-day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Care at 100+ locations
Phone access to your provider between sessions
Email access to your provider between sessions
Providers that accept major insurance plans
Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
Ask-a-coach 24hr Q&A
Text support via our Success Navigator
Exclusive video content
Counselor-moderated community discussion
Ultra-flexible 23.5hr cancellations
A free e-copy of “Leaving Depression Behind”
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Very helpful, insightful and objective advice

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