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Take a moment to name the different health care professionals who support you and your overall well-being. Who did you list? Many people probably immediately thought of their primary care physician. We all need care when we are sick or injured or for preventative care. You may have listed a trainer or a coach as well. When people want to grow physically stronger, they often work with someone at their gym to learn how. Some people may have also thought of their nutritionist. An individual’s body type can greatly affect what healthy eating looks like for them. What about mental health? Did you think of your counselor, life coach, or therapist? Not so long ago, most people may not have included mental health as a key factor in their overall well-being, but that stereotype is changing. Today, many people are working with a mental health professional and experiencing the positive effect of taking care of their mind and emotions.

“Mental health can be just as important as physical health.”
—Physician and author, Michael Greger

Thriveworks San Jose agrees with Dr. Greger. Mental health care has the potential to transform people’s lives and bring significant benefits to each individual who prioritizes it. Our therapists, counselors, and life coaches have seen the transformation as many of their clients have overcome symptoms, anxiety, and fear in order to life the life they want.

Mental Health Services: Support and Guidance for Life’s Challenges

It doesn’t take long to learn that life is a rollercoaster—full of ups and downs. No one gets a pass for a smooth ride, and more and more, people are reaching out for help as they navigate the turbulence. Think about these situations:

  • A beloved friend was taken too soon. One moment, she was here with you. The next, she was not. The gift is overwhelming. How can you live without her? How can life change on a dime?
  • Your current job is really great, at least for now. You are good at it, and you seem to be getting along well with your boss and co-workers. But you keep wondering if will still be the right fit in a year or two or five. What would it look like to advance in this job or to make a career change?
  • Your kids are struggling to adjust after a cross-country move. You have done what you know to be supportive and give them time to get used to their new lives. While you know they are good kids, they are also acting out in strange ways. They do not seem like themselves, and you are just not sure how to help them.
  • You and your better half have been dating for a few years now. About a year ago, you moved in together, and everything is still going well. You are both thinking and talking about the possibility of getting married. You are so in love, but marriage is a big step.
  • You admit it. It is a bad habit, but you only indulged occasionally at first—only when you were really stressed. Unfortunately, once-in-a-while has become more like once-a-day. You would like to curb the habit but are having difficulty.

Do these circumstances sound familiar? Or perhaps you are facing another one of life’s ups and downs. What would it look like to have someone on your side as you navigate life’s challenges? Many people are ready for support and guidance, and they are reaching out to a therapist, counselor, or life coach.

Mental Health Care: What Can It Look Like?

The individual seeking care is often the most important factor in what mental health care will look like. At Thriveworks San Jose, we see each client for the individual they are. People are not the diagnosis. They are not their symptoms. They are not the relational, emotional, or psychological challenges. Often, people have a particular reason for scheduling an appointment, and that reason matters significantly. Therapeutic relationships often begin there—with the client letting the mental health professional know what is happening in their lives. Together, clients and clinicians set goals that serve the client’s needs. Trust is of utmost importance, and as clients and therapists begin to trust each other, clinicians may inquire about an individual’s spirituality, profession, family life, and health history.

Therapy goals will look different for each client, but speaking generally…

  1. If clients are fighting compulsive behavior/addiction, the goals may focus upon accountability and healthy attachment.
  2. If clients are wrestling with trauma or a diagnosis, like Bipolar, then the goals may focus upon healing and symptom management.
  3. If clients are aiming for a personal or professional goal, then the goals may focus upon self-discovery and building relational skills.

Setting Up Mental Health Care at Thriveworks San Jose

Is it time for you to set up an appointment with a mental health profession? If you are ready to meet with a life coach, a therapist, or a counselor, then the staff at Thriveworks San Jose is ready to meet with you.

When you call our office, you may have your first appointment the following day. Many new clients meet with their therapist within 24 hours of their first call to our office. We also offer evening and weekend appointments. A scheduling specialist—a real person—will answer your call (not a voicemail). We work with most insurance companies and accept most insurance plans.

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