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Due to the social stigma surrounding therapy, it can be intimidating to seek help for a mental illness or disorder. However, mental health services have never been more accessible or valuable, especially in the hectic rush of the modern era. In fact, counseling services can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of the severity of the symptoms they may be experiencing.

Many people struggle with mental health issues, no matter their age, background, or career. Movie stars, politicians, singers, and CEOs all suffer from similar kinds of mental health concerns as students, teachers, teenagers, and parents.

If you think you may need the perspective and insight that comes with speaking to a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, consider the counseling services at Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN. We are committed to helping you find relief from mental ailments and develop healthy habits to integrate into your daily life.

Will I Benefit From Therapy or Counseling?

In short, everybody can benefit from therapy or counseling. Mental health services are often misunderstood as only being for those with severe disorders but anyone can use them to build confidence, identify the root causes of their emotions, and foster better relationships.

You don’t have to cope with these uncomfortable feelings by yourself. Even if you think that your challenges aren’t difficult enough to warrant therapy, addressing mental conditions early can help prevent them from becoming worse over time.

If you are struggling with any of the following, our counseling center services may be able to help you:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Relationship or family problems
  • Low self-worth
  • Mood swings
  • Eating disorders

If you aren’t sure whether therapy is the right fit for you, you can call Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN to begin exploring options that match your needs and lifestyle. Know that none of your concerns are too inconsequential or overwhelming.

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Thriveworks in Lafayette?

Our mental health professionals are licensed to provide guidance on a number of issues. Below are some of the many mental health services that Thriveworks offers:

  • Marriage counseling and couples therapy: Every relationship is unique and requires work to thrive. If you and your partner are experiencing a loss of love or passion, our couples counselors can help lay the groundwork to open new channels of communication and build a better relationship.
  • Depression therapy and anxiety therapy: Many adults report experiencing depression and anxiety at some point in their adult lives. If you feel like your depression or anxiety is interfering with your ability to live your life to the fullest, therapy can give you back control.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients identify emotional and behavioral patterns that both help and hinder their goals. Most clients are surprised by how much their thoughts and behaviors impact their symptoms and are thankful to replace harmful tendencies with positive, healthier ones.
  • Family therapy and child therapy: Family relationships can be complicated, especially when subjected to external stressors and environmental changes. We offer family therapy and child therapy services tailored to suit the unique needs of your family unit.
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy: Living with PTSD or trauma may make you feel like you’ve lost control over your life. PTSD counseling and trauma therapy can help you manage symptoms in the short term while improving your mental health in the long term.
  • Anger and stress management: Recurring feelings of anger and stress can have a serious impact on your physical and mental health. Through anger and stress management counseling, our professionals can help you pinpoint the underlying causes of these challenges and the best ways to cope with them.
  • Life coaching and career counseling: Do you sometimes feel like you’ve chosen the wrong path? Feelings of regret can be detrimental to your mental health. Life coaching and career counseling can help you determine a way forward that harmonizes with your innate goals and values.
  • Grief and loss counseling: Struggling with loss is natural. However, grief can sometimes become trauma, impairing your ability to function normally. In these cases, grief and loss counseling can help you accept your experiences and learn to live with a difficult situation.

Should I Make an Appointment With a Licensed Psychiatrist?

If you’ve been dealing with a mental or emotional disorder and it’s stopping you from living the life you want, it may be time to speak to a psychiatrist. Psychiatry is the study of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and emotional conditions.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors, meaning they can prescribe medication and assess both your mental and physical symptoms. This is helpful because some mental health disorders can significantly impact physical health while others may require medication as part of treatment. The medical expertise of a psychiatrist makes it easier to see the full picture and deal with the issue comprehensively.

You don’t have to let mental and emotional disorders stop you from living life on your own terms. Consider making an online appointment with a licensed psychiatrist at Thriveworks Counseling today.

Schedule Counseling Services at Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, or any other mental health challenge, the psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, life coaches, and other mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN are here to help. Call us and we can have an appointment scheduled in as little as 24 hours.

We offer membership benefits including:

  • Advice by email or phone in between appointments
  • Access to our Therapy Buddy app
  • Appointment scheduling and support via our mobile app
  • Community discussions moderated by our mental health professionals

For your convenience, we offer sessions in the evenings or on weekends. We also provide telemedicine options to speak with a therapist from your own home. Consider speaking with a Thriveworks mental health professional in Lafayette, IN to work toward a happier and healthier life.

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