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When life is overwhelming, where do you turn? Do you have a close friend for support? Does your family understand what you are going through? Do you have enough time to address your problems, concerns, and lost dreams to ensure your mental health stays intact? When you cannot answer positively to these questions, Thriveworks counselors and coaches in McLean can fill in the gap.

We can be the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on, and the encouragement you need to make your dreams a reality. For many people, their coaching or counseling appointment becomes the most enjoyable part of their week. While the work is not always easy, it is beneficial. It is a welcome pause in life, to address things that matter most to you.

Perhaps you have been considering connecting with a life coach or counselor in McLean for weeks, months, even years. We understand that it is not easy to make that first call for help. It requires you to take time out of your already packed schedule, and focus on yourself. Maybe you are looking for help for your marriage, your family, or your child. Whatever your need, we have Thriveworks counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, online counselors, and coaches in McLean, VA, ready to meet that need. Life is overwhelming. We understand and would be honored to walk with you on your journey.

There are many reasons to pursue counseling or coaching. These may include:

  • Anxiety issues
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Blended families
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
  • Panic attacks
  • Stress management
  • Career coaching
  • Grief counseling
  • Child therapy
  • Anger management
  • Addiction issues
  • Life coaching
  • Life transitions such as divorce or loss of a job

It is not possible to list all of the reasons that cause individuals or families to seek counseling. You may not even be able to put this need into words. When you call Thriveworks counselors in McLean, we will help you focus your needs, and find the perfect provider for you. Also, know that we offer both in-person counseling and online counseling opportunities.

Perhaps you are looking for a life coach and want to explore different ways to improve overall. You know that you could be achieving more in life, and also be experiencing more happiness and contentment. We are ready to address this need as well. We will connect you with a Thriveworks Associate coach in McLean that can help you determine your goals, recognize your strengths, and realize your potential.

Perhaps you are still wondering if you should call. Wonder no longer. Let us help you create the life you have always dreamed about, or maybe realize the goals that you forgot about long ago. It would be our pleasure to walk with you on this journey of healing and change. Call us today and we will connect you with a Thriveworks counselor, coach, or therapist in McLean that is ready to partner with you.

Should I See a Thriveworks Psychiatrist?

If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental health concern, you may find it hard to imagine a way out. However, psychiatric counseling offers effective solutions for individuals struggling with a wide variety of mental health issues.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who bring a unique perspective to the treatment and prevention of many forms of mental illness. They are highly trained when it comes to monitoring and assessing both physical and mental symptoms, and can even prescribe medication when needed.

Just because you’re struggling with a mental health issue doesn’t mean it needs to interfere with how you’d like to live your life. Consider making an online appointment with one of our board-certified psychiatrists at Thriveworks today.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Counseling in McLean, VA

We respect that it may be difficult for you to contact us. Many have trepidation and concern connected with even calling a therapist. For all of these reasons, we want to be available when you need us. Out of respect for your busy life, we maintain a “no waiting list” policy. In most cases, we are able to connect you with a Thriveworks counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or coach in McLean or the Fairfax area in as little as 24 hours. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started in in-person therapy or online therapy today.

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Thriveworks Typical Counseling Practice
Offices open early and late
Same- or next-day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Care at 310+ locations
Phone access to your provider between sessions
Email access to your provider between sessions
Providers that accept major insurance plans
Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
Ask-a-coach 24hr Q&A
Text support via our Success Navigator
Exclusive video content
Ultra-flexible 23.5hr cancellations
A free e-copy of "Leaving Depression Behind"
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Anna is incredibly respectful, professional, and compassionate. She has a strong dedication to operational and clinical excellence. Anna has proven successful outcomes for clients that she has treated. Anna is extremely knowledgeable with numerous clinics interventions and modalities. Her drive to help others is unmatched, and I believe she would make an excellent addition to the thrive works community.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Anna is a wonderful counselor.

Anna is wonderful! She brings her kindness, humor and tons of experience to her counseling relationships, and yet in her kind way she also knows when to call it how she sees it in a way that does not make you feel judged and makes you feel understood. Highly recommend.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Knowledgeable, confident, and easy to talk to!

As a colleague, I cannot recommend Anna enough to anyone looking for a therapist. I have worked with Anna for years and trust her completely. Anna is warm, welcoming, and professional. She also has a multitude of experience working with diverse populations and is eclectic in her approach, getting to know her clients and utilizing tools and skills that she know will work best for their situation.
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Excellent therapist

Are you looking for an excellent therapist? I cannot recommend Anna Sihon enough. She's open, patient, non-judgemental, has a great sense of humor, and is extremely culturally competent (especially with the Latinx community).
Thriveworks Counseling McLean

Dr. Jonies Thoms

I have worked with Dr. Jonies Thomas over the years in a professional capacity, and have only good things about her. She has an engaging and patient interpersonal style that resonated with our patients. She brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to any interaction, and it is clear that she is passionate about what she does.
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