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Counselors, Therapists, and Life Coaches in Mt. Pleasant, SC—Mental Health Care at Thriveworks

Our mission is to help every one of our clients live a happier, more successful life. And we believe that counseling, therapy, or life coaching plays a significant role in reaching this higher state of being. Whether you’re reeling from a traumatic experience, you feel depressed or anxious, your relationship has taken a turn for the worst, or you’re simply unsatisfied with your life, a mental health professional at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant can help.

“Healing isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about changing your relationship to who you are. A fundamental part of that is honoring how you feel.” – Suzanne Heyn

The providers at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant possess an impressive set of skills that enables them to help their clients. Additionally, they have completed extensive training and have plenty of experience in the mental health field. They can help you heal from distressing experiences, manage harmful symptoms of a mental illness, address turmoil in your relationship, and help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. In summary, Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant can make a profound difference in your life.

How Can a Mental Health Professional Help Me? Do I Need Counseling?

Mental health treatment is designed around the problem you are presenting as well as your goals for therapy. That said there are common topics discussed in counseling, of which include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Harmful thoughts and behaviors
  • Low self-esteem
  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Relationship problems
  • Major life transitions
  • Lack of life satisfaction

This is just a short list of the challenges addressed in therapy. Whatever it is you are dealing with—whether it be something mentioned above or something we haven’t yet touched on—a counselor, therapist, or life coach at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant can help. Now, while your experience in therapy will be largely molded by the challenges you are experiencing as well as your goals, here are a few examples of how mental health care can put you on a path toward happiness and healing:

  1. You and your fiancé haven’t been getting along since the engagement. You aren’t sure what changed, but there has certainly been a shift in your relationship. You decide to take initiative and ask your fiancé if something’s wrong. He shakes you off and says, “You’re worrying too much! Everything’s fine.” But you know this isn’t true. Fortunately, when you bring up the topic again, he concedes and agrees to go to counseling. It takes him a couple sessions to fully open up, but when he does, you learn that he has “cold feet.” He’s nervous about this life-long commitment but didn’t want to mention it and worry you. You explain that you’re nervous about getting married too, and your counselor helps to guide the conversation. The two of you decide as a couple to start premarital counseling, so as to best prepare for your upcoming life adventure.
  2. You’ve never ventured far from your hometown. Sure, you go on vacation and travel here and there, but you always return to your beloved community a few days or weeks later. It’s your home base—or, it was, until now. Your job relocated you to an unfamiliar city on the other side of the country. And while there’s a hint of excitement deep down inside you, you’re mostly a ball of nerves. Your worst fear comes true when you make your move and have trouble settling in. You have yet to make any friends after a few weeks and you start to feel really down. After a long, difficult phone call with your mom, you decide to meet with a counselor. In your first session, your counselor tells you that you’re suffering from a mild form of depression. Additionally, they help you to identify a few strategies for meeting new people and finding happiness again. Once you truly open up to all of the new opportunities before you, you start to feel hopeful and like yourself again.

Do you see just how beneficial counseling can be? In the above scenarios, your counselor helped you to address issues with your fiancé, better transition in a new town, and resolve depressive feelings. But, again, that’s not all they can do. Whatever it is you’re dealing with, a counselor or life coach at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant can prove helpful.

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Are you struggling to cope with one or many stresses of life? Is there room for improvement? Do you think a mental health professional could help? Schedule a session at Thriveworks Mt. Pleasant. Give us a call and a scheduling specialist will help you set up an appointment. We employ a “no waiting list” policy and offer evening and weekend appointments to best accommodate you. Additionally, you can reschedule or cancel your appointment with just a 23.5 hours’ notice. Our counselors, therapists, and life coaches want to make a difference in your life. All you have to do is give them the chance. We hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to starting this important work.

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