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You’ve decided to make a big change. Maybe you’ve decided to take on a new challenge. You can imagine the goal and see the results in your mind’s eye. Your struggle is getting there.

If you’ve ever decided to make a big change and pursued a new goal, you know how difficult it can be. Sometimes, no matter how many goals you set or how many plans you make, you just can’t seem to get off the starting blocks.

If this describes you, it may be time to consider reaching out for help. A life coach might be just the solution you need to get onto the path to success. An experienced Topeka life coach can help.

How Life Coaching Can Help

When you think of setting goals or taking on new challenges, you might not immediately think of a life coach. The fact is that you don’t have to have emotional problems or tragic circumstances to seek support through counseling or life coaching. Sometimes you simply need someone who can partner with you on your journey.

  • Life coaches are experts helping people with making meaningful changes in their lives. They do it by:
  • Helping you clearly define clarify your goals
  • Helping you knock down the barriers that keep you from progressing
  • Helping you develop an action plan that systematically moves you towards your ultimate goal
  • Offering guidance and help to explore alternatives
  • Acting as a guide, a mentor and a cheerleader

Most importantly, a coach is an accountability partner. Your coach is there to keep you focused and on target when your energy and focus wane. This accountability can help you stay motivated and on track to success.

The idea of life coaching may be uncomfortable or even a bit fear-provoking. If you’ve never had a coach or known anyone who has, you may have some preconceived notions about what life coaching are all about. You may have images of your high school coach yelling at you or benching you. You may worry you will be judged.
At Topeka Counseling, our experienced life coaches understand your worries and fears. From your first contact, we will work to earn your trust and help you to feel comfortable taking this important step towards success and happiness.

Reasons to Get a Life Coach

You may be wondering if life coaching could help with your problem. People seek the help of a coach for lots of different reasons:

  • Making a major life change like starting a business or pursuing a passion
  • Job or career coaching
  • Improving the marriage relationship
  • Improving goal setting skills
  • Improving study skills or academic success
  • Pursuing health and wellness goals
  • And many, many more…

You may not even be sure what your exact struggle is. You just know you’re not at your best, off your game and find yourself struggling to get on track. Your Topeka life coach can help you sort it out and make a plan that works for you.

The Next Step

Choosing to see a life coach is the first step on your path to success and fulfillment. At Topeka Counseling, we know that you have many choices for counseling and life coaching. We will work hard to earn your respect and your trust from your very first call. Appointments are available now and we can generally pair you with a provider within 24 hours.

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