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Perhaps mental health is a concept that you hear being discussed more and more, but it’s not necessarily something that seems as important as a doctor’s visit. After all, the physical symptoms of poor health might seem more obvious at first glance. However, at Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC, we know that mental health is every bit as important to your quality of life. 

For many of us, assessing mental health can be pretty difficult; after all, it’s not exactly tangible. But when we ignore persistent feelings of negativity and doubt for long periods of time, the damage that can be caused soon becomes evident. As with any problem, the symptoms of negative emotions or mental illness won’t just go away by themselves.

The bottom line is that it’s perfectly fine to seek assistance for what’s troubling you. The emotional turmoil and chaos in our lives that can be caused by mental health issues can be better treated by a qualified mental health professional; like the therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists we have at Thriveworks in downtown Raleigh, NC. We want to connect you with a therapist who cares and helps find the right treatment for you. 

Begin A New Journey with Therapy

Your path in life is completely your own—and at Thriveworks we believe your therapy experience should be, as well. When you attend sessions with one of our experienced psychologists or psychiatrists (depending on your location), we can assist you in shaping the future you want, by changing the way you process your day-to-day. 

At Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC we offer you industry-leading benefits unlike many other mental health practices. Here, you can:

  •     Easily connect with psychiatrists and psychologists in your location
  •     Choose between in-person sessions or the convenience and ease of virtual   meetings
  •     Receive scheduling assistance every day of the week
  •     Enjoy the added convenience of evening and weekend flexibility

Whether you’re matched with a psychiatrist or one of our psychologists, they’ll work with you to identify and treat the themes or issues that seem to be holding you back from living life to the fullest. Whatever your mental health needs might be, our services are designed to put your personal wellness before anything.  

Use Therapy to Find Your Balance

Finding a way to balance out all of life’s demands and tasks isn’t easy or simple for anybody; so we get that trying to find the right provider is intimidating. Fortunately, one of the perks of using Thriveworks to find your perfect therapist is that you’ll get the insight that opening up to a qualified professional provides. Our Thriveworks therapists partner with clients to create a personal treatment plan—designed to be unique for a holistic therapy experience that is not only distinctly yours, but also one that actually works. 

Our downtown Raleigh location offers a variety of mental health services, not limited to:

  • Depression counseling
  • Anxiety therapy 
  • Child therapy Relationship counseling
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Talk Therapy
  • PTSD counseling 
  • Anger management/emotional regulation 
  • Family counseling

However, we don’t want you to panic if you’re not finding a counseling option that seems to fit. These are only some of the approaches and methods our mental health professionals may use. Maybe you’re not even sure what’s wrong; you just want to attend a session. That’s totally fine! You can still give us a call.

While we know it’s not easy to be picky, we take our time to find the right psychologists and psychiatrists to build our teams with. With years of experience treating a variety of different mental health conditions and disorders, our downtown Raleigh team can make a positive impact on your life. And if you need specialized care other than talk therapy, our psychiatrists can assist you on your journey to wellness, helping to diagnose your obstacles and provide the prescriptions to give you relief and an opportunity to make real progress. 

Telepsychiatry: The Benefits of Online Services

Telepsychiatry offers an exciting new way to receive psychiatric treatment. Instead of being hassled to find time to drive to the office, you can meet with your provider from the comfort of your home. Telepsychiatry allows for more convenient access to your provider, meaning that you can get the prescriptions you need, and the same quality of personalized care that you would from an in-person appointment. 

Telepsychiatry may be a great choice if you: 

  • Have mobility problems 
  • Don’t have any psychiatrists in your area 
  • Live far from your provider 
  • Feel uncomfortable meeting with your provider in person

We want everyone to have access to the mental health services they need. That’s why we offer telepsychiatry services—if you think you could benefit from working with a psychiatrist, we’ll be happy to set you up with one.

Schedule Therapy at Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC

 Many of our clients feel that therapy provides a sense of stability and empowerment when they face negative situations and emotions that arise in their personal lives. It’s possible that you may even uncover new insight into deeper concepts or themes that surround you. While psychological or psychiatric treatment isn’t a way to avoid problems, Thriveworks in downtown Raleigh, NC knows it can certainly equip you for life’s ups and downs. Everyone faces roadblocks and obstacles, and we all can get a little overwhelmed by our hectic schedules. But when your hopelessness or apathy begins to encroach on your mental health and wellbeing, therapy can offer a new way forward.

If you’re noticing issues in your life that aren’t being resolved, or past events and anxieties that are constantly bothering you, just know that picking up the phone to schedule with us isn’t a sign of defeat. Instead, you’re setting yourself and those around you up for more meaningful connections and healthier lives. 

At Thriveworks of Raleigh, NC, we understand that no one’s perfect; and we don’t want you to be. Don’t hesitate to call in today if scheduling a therapy session sounds right for you. Our team of mental health professionals and scheduling specialists is standing by.  

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