Holiday stress: A compassionate guide for understanding and managing it

As the holiday season approaches, many of us feel happy, excited, cheerful, and… stressed. Despite the picture-perfect photos on Instagram (highlight reels) and cheery (more like cheesy) Christmas cards, holidays are stressful. Between traveling, cooking lavish meals, and making small talk with distant relatives, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. That’s…

Election stress disorder: Navigating negativity, news alerts, social media feuds, and misinformation

Ruthless attacks on both sides of the political aisle, in hopes of persuading voters. Nonstop alerts about the latest campaign news, like who’s projected to win the election or who has had the latest political blunder. Fights between “friends,” for all of Facebook and Twitter to see. Misinformation that begs…

US adults in counseling are feeling stressed, fearful, depressed, and hopeless about the presidential election, according to survey of mental health professionals

Fredericksburg, VA. 10/20/2020 — Amid a jarring presidential election and an overall difficult year, US adults in counseling are feeling stressed, fearful, depressed, and/or hopeless about the election. This, according to a survey conducted by Thriveworks Counseling and completed by 275 mental health professionals. Are your clients talking about election-related…

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