Online Counseling and Coaching in Pennsylvania—Video and Telephone Options

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Online Counseling and Coaching in Pennsylvania—Video and Telephone Options

Counseling helps people manage stress, anger, and other difficult emotions. It helps people talk to their partners, friends, family members about tough subjects. It helps people understand, manage, and recover from mental health conditions like depression and PTSD. Coaching, on the other hand, helps people make informed decisions in their careers. It helps people understand what areas of life are lacking in terms of happiness and fulfillment. It helps people make important changes in their personal lives that lead to greater success.

Counseling and coaching are two important mental health services that help people live better. Both counseling and coaching can help you address and work through existing problems, as well as identify other areas that might need your attention.

Soak up the views.

Take in the bad weather

and the good weather.

You are not the storm.”

–Matt Haig

If you’d like to make these improvements in your own life, consider talking to a mental health professional online at Thriveworks Counseling. We have counselors, therapists, psychologists, and coaches on our team in Pennsylvania, and they are available to help you conveniently online. You can choose to work with your provider over the phone or video. They’re happy to accommodate whichever you prefer.

Online Counseling: A Simple, Effective Alternative to In-Person Counseling

Online counseling is just like it sounds: It’s working with a counselor, or another mental health professional, online. This is a simple, effective alternative to in-person counseling, which is the traditional approach. Here at Thriveworks Counseling, we offer two options for online counseling: telephone and video. You can choose whichever option you’d prefer to engage in; both prove effective for clients!

Some people have reservations about beginning online counseling, out of concern that it won’t prove as beneficial or valuable as the traditional in-person approach. In reality, though, online counseling is an effective alternative to in-person counseling, as we touched on above. So, if you’re intrigued by the idea of working with a mental health professional, don’t let this concern stop you. See for yourself just how helpful online counseling can prove.

What Can I Accomplish in Online Counseling?

Remember, the primary difference between online and in-person counseling is that the former is conducted in a virtual environment. As we’ve said many times, online counseling can prove just as helpful as the conventional approach. That means that it can help you address a range of challenges and accomplish many different goals! For example, you might learn to…

  • Better manage stress in stress management counseling
  • Work through your marital issues in marriage counseling
  • Address and heal from traumatic experiences in trauma therapy
  • Resolve conflicts with family members in family therapy
  • Gain closure after a tough loss in grief counseling
  • Better manage your depression symptoms in depression therapy
  • Get to the bottom of your anxiety in anxiety therapy

The possibilities are endless. Your potential is limitless. If you see a need for working with a mental health professional or you’d like to explore the benefits, consider scheduling an online counseling appointment. The online counselors can help you achieve the above as well as many other goals, too. Our providers are happy to help you address issues you’ve identified and explore other areas of your life that might benefit from some changes, too.

Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment at Thriveworks Counseling

If you live in Pennsylvania and you’re interested in starting a relationship with a mental health professional, consider scheduling an online counseling appointment with Thriveworks Counseling. Our team is made up of skilled, experienced, caring professionals. These individuals would love the chance to help you grow in life. And they can help you as soon as today.

To schedule an online counseling appointment with a counselor in Pennsylvania, simply use the booking widget on this page. You can read a little bit about each provider and then choose who you’d like to meet with.

Our team looks forward to embarking on this important relationship with you!

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Rated 4.5 overall from 10,849 Google reviews

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