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If we asked you to list a few challenges you’ve faced this week, you could probably turn in a laundry list of items. If we asked you to list a few challenges that your coworker or neighbor has faced this week, that would likely be a different story. Why? We don’t tend to talk to others about what we’re going through. We might mention that we’re having an off day or confide in our closest loved ones, but otherwise, we tend to keep our problems to ourselves.


Fortunately, if you are struggling and you do need to talk to someone, you can turn to a mental health professional. Counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and life coaches specialize in helping people with their personal struggles. They can provide help, guidance, and support through tough mental health challenges.


“Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing. Healing happens when you’re triggered and you’re able to move through the pain, the pattern, the story, and walk away to a different ending.” –Vienna Pharaon


If you’re looking for mental health services in Philadelphia, PA, consider scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks Counseling. We have a dedicated, compassionate team of counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and life coaches, all of whom can help you make important changes and strides in life. To get started, just contact our office. Our scheduling experts would be happy to help you find a provider who can meet your mental health needs.

What Mental Health Services Are Available at Thriveworks Counseling?

Thriveworks Counseling is designed with our clients’ needs in mind—and these needs change from one person to the next. For this reason, we offer many different mental health services that can meet these varying needs. For example, we have counselors on our team who can offer depression or anxiety therapy; we also have counselors on our team who can offer couples and marriage counseling. Here is a longer list of the services that we can provide at our Thriveworks office in Philadelphia, PA (South 40th Street):


  • Depression therapy
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Marriage counseling
  • Grief counseling
  • Trauma therapy
  • Stress management counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Child therapy


If you’re struggling in an area of your life that you think a mental health professional could help with, consider scheduling one of the above services. Even if you don’t have a specific problem or one that is covered by the above services, but you’re interested in talking to a counselor or coach, that’s no problem. Thriveworks Counseling is here to help.

Why Should I Trust Thriveworks? What Are the Benefits?

Thriveworks Counseling was built with a specific mission in mind: We wanted to help people live happy, successful lives, and we still want to help people live happy, successful lives. This mission is at the center of everything we do, and we believe that we can connect you with a skilled, caring counselor or coach who can help you elevate your life.


In addition to working with a counselor who you can trust to guide and support you through your challenges, you can look forward to the following benefits if you choose Thriveworks:


  1. Online counseling options
  2. Appointments in the evenings and on the weekends (if you so choose)
  3. Flexible 23.5-hour cancellation policy
  4. Phone and email access to your provider between sessions
  5. Exclusive video content


…and so much more. As we mentioned before, Thriveworks is a client-centric practice. We want every single person to have a positive experience with us, from start to finish. If you’re ready to start a relationship with a mental health professional and experience the added benefits of being a Thriveworks client, give our office a call. We’ll help you get started right away.

Would I Benefit From a Psychiatrist’s Expertise?

The connected nature of the body and mind means that physical symptoms are a consequence of mental illness for many people. For this reason, many individuals struggling with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders find it helpful to seek guidance from a licensed psychiatrist.


Psychiatrists are medical doctors. Not only can they perform comprehensive evaluations in regards to both your mental and physical symptoms, but they can also prescribe medication when necessary. Treatment may also involve some form of talk therapy to address the role your thoughts, history, and environment play in your moods and behavior.


If you would like to experience the benefits of psychiatry first-hand, you can get started today by making an online psychiatry appointment with Thriveworks Counseling in Philadelphia, PA (South 40th Street).

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