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Mental Health Services in Sterling Heights, MI—Counselors and Therapists

Mental health services are meant to help individuals address problem areas and live a happier, healthier life. That’s our very mission at Thriveworks: to help every single person we can live better. We set out to accomplish this mission by providing premium mental health care, which means offering exceptional care every step of the way, from your calling in to book an appointment to actually walking into our office to meet with your provider. Our counselors, therapists, and life coaches help their clients to understand and manage the challenges they face, guided by their training, expertise, and experience.

“Often, a situation itself does not cause mental distress.

It is our judgment of that situation that causes us pain or pleasure.

Therefore, we need to constantly be aware of how we are

perceiving and judging situations.” –Dr. Caroline Leaf

Your counselor or therapist can help you understand how your thoughts affect your feelings and then teach you how to change your thoughts to create a happier life. They can help you and your partner understand why you can’t stop arguing. They can help you understand what the cause of your depression might be, why you no longer feel fulfilled, or how you can heal properly after a tough loss.

The counselors, therapists, and life coaches at Thriveworks Sterling Heights want to help you manage whatever problem it is you’re facing. Call today to schedule an appointment and get on the right track toward happiness.

Reasons to Seek Counseling

Here at Thriveworks, we believe that anyone can benefit from working with a counselor, therapist, or life coach. From an individual who is feeling depressed or anxious after the passing of a loved one to someone who is out of sorts and unsure why they’re unhappy or unfulfilled. Let’s cover a few more. Here’s a list of common reasons people seek counseling:

  • They feel depressed or anxious
  • They need help managing another mental illness
  • They are grieving the loss of a loved one
  • They are struggling to resolve a conflict with their significant other
  • They feel lonely and unhappy
  • They are suffering from a low self-esteem
  • They are experiencing suicidal thoughts

This is not a comprehensive list. As we mentioned earlier, anyone can find value in working with a mental health professional. The above are just commonly seen in counseling in therapy. Now, when does a life coach step in? Life coaches set out to help their clients live more successful lives, which means they focus on goal-setting and fulfillment. Here’s a list of common reasons people seek life coaching:

  • They are struggling to set or reach goals
  • They need someone to keep them accountable for their goals
  • They aren’t sure what career path to pursue
  • They want to find new meaning or fulfillment in life

After reading the above information, you might have a better understanding of whether you could benefit from counseling, therapy, or life coaching. But if not, that’s okay too. Call Thriveworks Sterling Heights today to learn more about the services we offer, or to book an appointment.

Work with a Provider at Thriveworks Sterling Heights: Book Today

As we mentioned earlier, we strive to stand apart from other counseling practices by offering premium mental health services. We prioritize exceptional care, every step of the way. This means that we…

  1. Offer outstanding customer care: When you call Thriveworks Sterling Heights to book an appointment, a scheduling specialist will ask for basic information, including what counseling service you seek, and then set you up with the provider who can best help you.
  2. Have flexible scheduling opportunities: We understand that everyday responsibilities such as work, or kids can get in the way of you coming in for a daytime or weekday appointment. That’s why we offer evening and weekend appointments, too! Pick whichever day and time works best for you.
  3. Partner with many insurances: We want to minimize the obstacles that might stand between you and obtaining mental health help. For this reason, we partner with many different insurances to best ensure you can utilize our services.
  4. Work with the best providers: The providers at Thriveworks are the best of the best. They possess top-notch skills and experience, and they truly care about helping you live a better life.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with a counselor, therapist, or life coach at Thriveworks, give us a call today. We look forward to working with you.

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Thriveworks Counseling Sterling Heights

Thriveworks Counseling

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