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Popular TV series Schitt’s Creek features a family of four who take a hard hit and have their lives turned upside down. Together, as a family, the Roses could really use therapy to get through their mess and learn how to communicate their needs better. But as individuals, they could also benefit from talking with a mental health professional. Are you like:

  • David, who has difficulty communicating with his friends, partner, and family when there are things he is struggling with?
  • Alexis, who wants to find value in herself outside of her relationships and seeks validation from her parents?
  • Moira, who struggles with finances and doesn’t know how to budget appropriately?
  • John, who wants to provide for his family and connect with his kids on a deeper level but can’t seem to find a proper balance?

The mentality at Thriveworks Counseling is that everyone can benefit from working with a skilled, dedicated therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or life coach. This is true for the Rose family who are struggling to cope with their new reality and past grievances. Whatever it is that is causing stress or negatively impacting your life, a caring mental health professional can help.

The mental health professionals at Thriveworks Counseling in Washington, D.C. near Union Station have extensive mental health knowledge, training, and experience. They also possess specific skill sets and tools to help their clients through a wide range of challenges. Whether you need help getting through an issue as a family or just need guidance making tough decisions, the dedicated mental health professionals at Thriveworks can help. Just give our office a call to get started.

Who Needs Mental Health Help?

As we touched on briefly, there are many different areas of life that working with a counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or coach could prove to be beneficial. In reality, most of us could use the help of a mental health professional. Take these two situations, for example.

  1. Alec works at a company where most of the day he’s on a computer. Every now and then, he needs to call customers to let them know about alerts that he found on their accounts. Although he talks to his co-workers throughout the day, the thought of calling someone over the phone seems impossible. His heart races, he feels tightness in his chest, he has shortness of breath, and he starts sweating excessively. After talking to his family about it, he thinks he might have social anxiety. He decides to work with a therapist to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment to overcome those complicated feelings.
  2. McKenna’s older sister passed away when they were younger. It’s been a long time since that happened, but McKenna still struggles with grief, especially when her sister’s birthday rolls around. Instead of celebrating her sister’s life, she’s angry that she has to mourn her instead. McKenna is tired of holding onto that sadness and wants to learn to move on. She schedules an appointment with a counselor who can give her guidance on overcoming her grief and feeling at peace about her sister’s passing.

Ultimately, the psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, and coaches at Thriveworks will help improve your mental well-being and offer the guidance or support you need to get through tough times. Here are a few topics that are often discussed in counseling:

  • Negative thoughts
  • General unhappiness
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Communication problems
  • Harmful habits/behaviors
  • Lack of satisfaction in life
  • Career counseling
  • Family turmoil
  • Behavioral problems in children or teens
  • Marriage or relationship problems
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD
  • And more!

Our mental health professionals genuinely care about your mental health and want to help you. If you think that you could benefit from professional help, don’t wait any longer.

Consider Seeing a Licensed Psychiatrist Virtually at Thriveworks

If you’re in need of treatment for a mental health concern like depression or anxiety, psychiatry may offer the help you need. As a medical doctor that has also completed a psychiatry residency, a psychiatrist is highly qualified to deal with mental health conditions from both a mental and physical perspective.

Your initial diagnosis may call for a psychological evaluation as well as a series of physical tests to determine the causes and symptoms of your condition. Psychiatrists guide their clients through these processes and use the gleaned information to inform diagnosis and treatment. Treatment can include therapy, medication, or both.

You don’t have to struggle with mental health issues alone. Our licensed telepsychiatrists in Washington, D.C. near Union Station are ready to help.

Why Choose Thriveworks for Mental Health Services?

Taking the next step to work with a therapist or psychiatrist isn’t always an easy decision to make. The last thing you want is to finally find someone who fits your needs but has no availability. It’s like one step forward, two steps back. At Thriveworks Counseling, you won’t have to worry about being turned away. Lucky for you, we never have a waitlist. Also, Thriveworks offers other benefits like:

  • Online counseling options
  • Evening and weekend appointment times
  • Flexible 23.5-hour cancellations
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Client-focused care
  • Text support via our success navigator
  • Exclusive video content
  • Free e-books
  • Email and text access to your therapist

Schedule a Session at Thriveworks Counseling in Washington, D.C. – Union Station

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We look forward to working with you on this journey. Let us help you thrive.

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