What are some helpful journal prompts for anxiety and depression? The benefits of journaling and 5 journaling prompts for mental health

Journaling is a powerful tool. It serves as an outlet, allowing us to express our emotions and process our thoughts without fear of judgment — there is no need or temptation to censor ourselves when we’re writing to and for nobody but ourselves. What a gift. And yet, for some,…

Healthy coping mechanisms and strategies: Behaviors that can set you up for success

Coping strategies (referred to interchangeably as coping mechanisms or coping skills) are behaviors that are designed to help us reduce the negative emotions associated with difficult events, situations, relationships, and more. Coping mechanisms may be learned both consciously or unconsciously.  Learning and implementing healthy coping strategies is a routine part…

What is self-care?

If you’re wondering how to best take care of yourself, self-care may seem like the obvious answer. But exactly how self-care should be executed might not be clear. It’s a process that’s about more than looking good or feeling better than we did the previous day. Self-care is about sustainability—on…

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