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Roger has spent his entire life being told to “tough things out.” As a child, his parents were always too busy to listen to his and his brothers’ concerns. When complications arise, Roger never reaches out for support — not from his wife, not from his siblings, and certainly not from his parents.

When something angers him, he lets his bottled-up feelings fester until they reach a boiling point. When that happens, he shuts down. He refuses to speak with anyone and refuses to eat. Instead, he locks himself in his room and pours himself into his work, leaving his wife worried.

When mental health concerns balloon, a helping hand can go a long way. A psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, or counselor can offer support because of their training and experience.

In Roger’s case, they could:

  • Help unpack the childhood circumstances that cause Roger to ignore his emotions
  • Determine the internal and external triggers that cause Roger’s anger
  • Provide coping strategies that helpfully and healthily address those triggers

Roger is dealing with anger management and communication problems, two common challenges that many individuals face. But whether we’re dealing with behavioral issues, mental illnesses, or grief, we all deserve the chance to improve our mental and emotional health.

Whatever your particular challenge is, know that the experts at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago can provide the foundational support you need to navigate your concerns.

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago?

Here’s a list of the main mental health services offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago :

Through counseling, therapy, and/or psychiatry services, we help with a range of mental health conditions and other challenges, including:

Our providers — from therapists/counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners — specialize in a range of counseling approaches, but they’ll cater your treatment to your unique preferences and needs. They might utilize:

How Can I Benefit From Counseling?

A common misconception about therapy and counseling is that they’re only used to address major disorders and illnesses such as bipolar disorder or major depression. But truthfully, counseling can help with many different types of challenges and concerns that run the spectrum in terms of severity.

People seek out counseling from a Thriveworks professional for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Working on issues of self-esteem
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Navigating relationships
  • Dealing with behavioral problems in children
  • Addressing grief and loss
  • Unpacking past trauma

If you’ve ever experienced any of the situations listed above, or are dealing with another mental health issue, consider speaking to someone at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago.  With the proper tools and guidance, you can make a positive impact on your mental and emotional health.

Mental Health Services Available at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago

No two clients are alike. That’s why we offer a number of services for a wide range of challenges. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Stress and anxiety therapy
  • Depression counseling
  • Couples therapy and marriage counseling
  • Trauma therapy and PTSD counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Child therapy and family therapy
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Stress and anger management

Couples, individuals, and families pursue therapy for these and other reasons. No matter the specific issue, we will address your challenges with care, compassion, and purpose.

Our counseling center in Chicago, IL, has one goal — to help you reach yours. Whatever sound mental and emotional health looks like to you, we’re here to help you achieve it. If you’re ready, please reach out to our scheduling team today.

Talk with a Fully Virtual Psychiatrist

Our completely virtual psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses offer unique benefits and services. As trained medical professionals, they can diagnose and treat illnesses and administer prescriptions for medicine via telehealth. They undergo a rigorous educational process in medical school and must be recertified every ten years.

Working with a psychiatrist will allow you to tackle your illness, disorder, or challenge in a nuanced and professional manner. Some of the treatment plans and services a psychiatrist offers can include:

  • Psychoanalysis or talk therapy, which may include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps clients restructure their thinking patterns to improve their emotions and mitigate symptoms.
  • Medication, which can be combined with other forms of treatment and in consideration of your medical history and needs.
  • Assessments to help you develop coping strategies to utilize when your provider is not around.

There are many additional benefits to working with a psychiatrist. To find out how psychiatry services can help improve your life, please contact us at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago.

Speak to a Mental Health Professional at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago

We’re dedicated to helping you on your path toward wellness. Whether you’re an individual seeking career coaching, a family in need of mediation, or a couple struggling to agree on parenting styles, we want to see you succeed.

We offer a number of tools and services that can help. This includes same- or next-day appointments as well as online counseling services. You’ll have phone and email access to your provider between your sessions, and you can always drop by the counselor-moderated community discussion board for encouragement.

Exclusive video content, flexible cancellation services, and offices that are open early and close late are just a few of the additional benefits our clients receive.

We’re proud of you for making the decision to take care of your mental health. As you pursue your goals and take your next steps, our psychiatrists, counselors, life coaches, and other licensed professionals in Chicago, IL are here to help. Call us today to set up your appointment.

Where Is Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago Located?

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Chicago is located at 333 Michigan Ave Suite 1810, Chicago, IL 60601, right next to Fannie May and Blackhawk’s Store. We’re also close to the intersection of E. Lower Wacker and N. Michigan Avenue.  If you have trouble finding our office or have any questions about how to get here, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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