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Do you have a hard time feeling motivated enough to get out of bed in the morning? Do you often feel like something will go wrong at any moment? Do you have body image issues or struggles with substance abuse?

When you’re faced with issues like these, it’s easy to feel isolated and think that nobody will understand what you’re going through. But in reality, millions of people suffer from diagnosable mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The symptoms you’re facing are probably more common than you realize.

Even so, it’s not always easy to talk to family and friends about mental and emotional concerns. For one thing, you may not want them to know every personal detail about your life. For another, they may lack the experience and knowledge to actually help you overcome your symptoms and feel better in the long run.

This is why having a licensed counselor or therapist on your side is so important. Mental health professionals can offer an objective viewpoint to help you understand what you’re going through. They bring a trained perspective, helping you address your concerns and get the help you need to build a healthier, happier life.

If you are dealing with an issue affecting your mental or emotional health, we’re here to help at Thriveworks Counseling in Amarillo, TX. Reach out to schedule your first appointment with one of our licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, or other mental health professionals.

When Should I Pursue Mental Health Services?

Many people avoid seeking help for issues like depression or anxiety because they think their situation isn’t serious enough to warrant professional assistance. But you don’t need to be facing a crisis in order to benefit from mental health services. Everyone deserves a chance at a better quality of life, no matter what they may be going through.

These are common reasons individuals reach out for counseling and therapy services:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Difficult life transitions
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Relationship issues
  • Family issues
  • Career or financial issues
  • Trouble dealing with grief or loss
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

If you’re experiencing these or other issues affecting your mental and emotional health, consider reaching out to the licensed mental health professionals at Thriveworks Counseling in Amarillo, TX.

What Mental Health Services Do You Offer?

At Thriveworks, we offer a number of services to help you face life’s challenges. Here are just a few examples:

  • Depression and anxiety therapy
  • Relationship therapy and marriage counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Grief and loss counseling
  • Trauma and PTSD counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Life coaching
  • LGBTQ+ counseling
  • Family therapy and child therapy
  • Stress and anger management
  • Sexual assault therapy

While dealing with mental and emotional issues can feel isolating, you don’t have to face these difficulties alone. We’re here to offer the guidance and support you need at Thriveworks Counseling in Amarillo, TX.

Would I Benefit From Speaking to a Psychiatrist?

When it comes to many mental and emotional disorders, it may be in your best interest to speak to a licensed psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are different from other mental health professionals in that they are licensed medical doctors and can therefore offer a comprehensive medical perspective. They can assess your psychological and physical symptoms, make a diagnosis, and provide a range of treatment options including prescription medications and psychotherapy.

The comprehensive approach psychiatrists offer can be extremely helpful with many disorders, including anxiety and depression. If medication is helpful for your situation, your psychiatrist can provide medication management services, monitor for side effects, and ultimately ensure that your treatment is having the desired effect.

If you’re interested in speaking to a licensed psychiatrist, get in touch with us at Thriveworks Counseling today to make an appointment.

Schedule an Appointment With a Licensed Professional in Amarillo, TX

At Thriveworks Counseling in Amarillo, TX, we strive to make it as easy as possible to obtain help for mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. With evening and weekend session times available, finding a time that works for you is a breeze.

For your comfort and convenience, we also offer online therapy services, which allow you to obtain help for mental and emotional disorders without having to set foot in our office. We’re even flexible when it comes to rescheduling your session (we only ask for a 23.5-hour notice!)

There are many other exclusive benefits to enjoy when you enroll with Thriveworks Counseling. We offer app-based solutions that take the stress out of billing and scheduling. Counselors are reachable in between appointments by phone or email. You also have the ability to connect with others via our counselor-moderated community discussion board.

If you’ve been dealing with a mental health concern, don’t hesitate to contact our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. Give us a call at Thriveworks Counseling in Amarillo, TX to make your first appointment.

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