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Running errands. Hanging out with friends. Raising children. Work responsibilities. Chances are, you lead a pretty busy life. Sometimes, your mental health can take a backseat to other issues. At other times, you might preoccupy yourself with tasks or hobbies to avoid something that negatively affects your emotional wellbeing.

Concerns about your mood, thoughts, and behavior can feel overwhelming. Certain traumas or recurring symptoms disrupt daily life and make it difficult to enjoy the present moment.

We want you to know that you’re not alone — working with a mental health professional can help. Dedicated mental health experts regularly diagnose, treat, and prevent various disorders, such as major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

You can find vital support and guidance by working with a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, or another mental health professional from Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station. Call our office today or use our convenient online scheduling tool to set up your first appointment.

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station?

Here’s a list of the main mental health services offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station:

Through counseling, therapy, and/or psychiatry services, we help with a range of mental health conditions and other challenges, including:

Our providers — from therapists/counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners — specialize in a range of counseling approaches, but they’ll cater your treatment to your unique preferences and needs. They might utilize:

Who Can Benefit From Therapy or Counseling?

Therapy and counseling are useful for more than severe cases of mental distress. Many find attending sessions reduces everyday anxiety, prevents insomnia, and helps them form healthier emotional bonds with others.

Consider reaching out even if you’re dealing with something entirely different from the list provided earlier — mental health professionals can help you manage a wide variety of situations. You know yourself best, and if something is bothering you, professional care from Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station can help identify the underlying cause of your unhappiness.

Psychiatrists Available for Mental Health Concerns

The treatment plan for someone with a diagnosed mental disorder is typically multifaceted. It can combine talk therapy with a licensed psychiatrist, strategies to use beyond the counseling center, and prescription medication.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in mental health and have the authority to prescribe medication. They are qualified to assess the mental and physical aspects of psychological concerns.

For example, let’s say a person with bipolar disorder endures frequent and sudden emotional changes. These highs and lows are a source of instability in their life. A psychiatrist can prescribe a mood stabilizer that alleviates these symptoms and allows them to focus on the things they are passionate about.

An online psychiatry appointment at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station can offer you similar support. Our scheduling team is ready to take your call and help you set up your first session.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station

If you or a loved one is considering mental health services or life coaching, consider working with a provider at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station.

We proudly accept many different forms of health insurance and offer appointments throughout the week. If you’re busy during regular business hours, we also offer evening and weekend sessions to help you find time for mental health care. Our services are also available virtually via phone calls or video chat. Some find online appointments to be more convenient and accessible than in-person therapy.

Additionally, Thriveworks’ members receive perks such as:

  • Access to their provider between sessions using text or email
  • Text-message assistance for booking and billing services
  • Flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy
  • A free e-copy of the book “Leaving Depression Behind”
  • 24-hour Q+A service with a life coach

Thriveworks strives to provide you with highly responsive customer service, expert professionals, and technological benefits to help you get the most out of sessions. Call our office or use our online scheduling tool to set up your first session at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station.

Where Is Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station Located?

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry College Station is located at 111 University Dr Suite 105, College Station, TX 77840. We are in the same building as Schulte Roofing and we’re across the street from Embassy Suites by Hilton College Station. If you have any trouble getting to our office or need help, please call our office. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Email access to your provider between sessions
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Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
Ask-a-coach 24hr Q&A
Text support via our Success Navigator
Exclusive video content
Ultra-flexible 23.5hr cancellations
A free e-copy of "Leaving Depression Behind"

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