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When we get married, we think we will always be as happy as the moment we said, “I do.” Time passes and life brings challenges. For many couples, their relationship is able to weather those storms. But there are no guarantees. Thriveworks Waltham Counseling providers know this and have expertise to help.

Marriages begin. Marriages end. Marriages struggle. Many couples find themselves having the same arguments, feeling the same resentments and wondering if there is any hope for saving their once happy marriage. Communication breaks down.

When your relationship is in turmoil, it can turn your world upside down. Asking for help can be a daunting task.

The relationship experts at Thriveworks Waltham Counseling can help! With training and experience in working with marital issues, Waltham therapists and Waltham life coaches can help you and your spouse break through those communication roadblocks and discover new ways to handle challenges while strengthening the emotional connection vital to a healthy relationship.

How Can Waltham Counseling or Coaching Help My Marriage?

Couples come to counseling or coaching for many of the same reasons as individuals. Depression, anxiety, communication problems, life changes (e.g., a move, a job loss, a baby), grief, infidelity and even break-ups are just a few of the things that can impact a couple’s stability and prompt them to seek help. If one partner is struggling with a personal issue, the problem impacts the marital relationship as well. It becomes both an individual issue and the couple’s issue.

Counseling and coaching can be helpful to couples in many ways. A therapist or life coach can help you to:

  • Understand the thoughts and feelings each of you is experiencing
  • Better understand your spouse’s emotional experience
  • Learn new ways of decision making and problem solving together
  • Learn and use effective coping skills that result in more positive
  • Learn new ways of communicating and expressing feelings that promote positive outcomes and strengthen the relationship
  • Learn to cope with adverse situations in healthy ways individually and as partners
  • Enhance emotional connection and intimacy

Your Waltham Counseling provider can also help with referrals for you or your spouse if other services are needed.

Asking for help can be one of the most difficult things to do. Doing so means confronting the issues that lie beneath the conflict and distress you’re experiencing. You may not know exactly what the underlying issues might be. You just know that the two of you are not connecting in a healthy and satisfying way. That’s ok. We can still help!

Waltham therapists and life coaches are experts in working with couples and the unique set of issues they bring to counseling. Your provider will fully assess the situation and work with you both to develop a plan that you can both embrace.

How Do We Get Started?

Waltham Counseling makes it easy to get started. One of our dedicated staff members will help you get started. They will take some basic information and pair you and your spouse with the appropriate Waltham Counseling provider.

From your first call, you will find that we are different from other practices. We work hard to earn our clients respect and trust. We know your time is valuable and that you don’t want to wait days or weeks for an appointment. We can usually pair you with an Waltham therapist or an Waltham life coach within 24 hours.

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Janan is a great therapist

I am really glad I attended my sessions under Janan! She is a very helpful therapist and every time our sessio...Read more

n was finished I would leave feeling better about myself and would look forward to the next one! Seeking help is a very important step and I highly recommend Janan as your therapist.

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Caring and Compassionate

Always found Janan to be helpful. Caring and compassionate. Highly recommend.
Thriveworks Counseling Waltham


Janan, is one in a million. She is who succeeds,” with the “impossible cases,”where others haven’t...Read more

. Her dedication and caring, is like no other.

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