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Working on Your Mental Health: Counseling, Therapy, and Psychiatry in Franklin

We are used to going it alone — sometimes even if we have a strong support system we may feel there are some things even our family or closest friends just wouldn’t understand. When nagging feelings can’t be shaken off or questions spin around in our heads, a counselor or therapist is the ideal person to turn to.

People have all kinds of reasons for finally taking the step to call a coach, counselor or therapist: a confusing situation, a trauma, an accumulation of stress or maybe a behavioral issue they want help with.

Why work on how I feel?

Sometimes it feels like getting our kids to school or having enough in the fridge or making sure you have health insurance is enough. Sometimes it feels like surviving is already pretty good. But what does it mean to thrive?

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote,

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

If you’ve ever felt that such ideas were beyond your reach, the coaches, psychiatrists, therapists and counselors in Franklin, MA are ready to help you get there.

We want to tackle the big questions in life with you. And we want our clients to get the mental health care that can help them with the kindness and compassion they need as they face life’s big challenges.

If you are interested in exploring in-person counseling or online therapy, please reach out to us at (617) 360-7210. Our counselors want to help you with life’s obstacles so that you can thrive and live life to the fullest!

How does counseling work?

First, set aside a particular time each week or month with a skilled therapist or counselor to focus on your mind and emotions. A therapeutic relationship may start by clarifying what you would like to achieve and naming the particular challenges you are facing. A therapist or counselor may ask about your family, career, physical health, relationships, mental health, and/or spirituality depending on your own unique concerns and situation.

Our counselors will then develop a unique treatment plan to address your needs and symptoms needs and symptoms. Some examples of this may look like one of the following:

  1. If you have experienced abuse, or trauma: our therapists are focused on health and recovery. With kindness and expertise, our counselors may seek out the problem’s root and empower their clients with healthy coping skills and interventions.
  2. If you want to achieve a professional or personal goal: our counselors and coaches may focus on self-discovery. When people can identify their own weaknesses, strengths, and goals, they are often able to identify practical steps to take toward their goal. They may need to learn new interpersonal skills or kick a bad habit, but setting smaller goals allows them to achieve their bigger goals.
  3. If you are wondering if medication may be an answer for you or if you are in need of help managing or discontinuing medication, our psychiatrists and mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) can help you safely discover the best options for you and walk alongside you through your treatment.
  4. If you are facing an addiction or other personal problem that is harmful: our counselors can help you take back your self-control. You may need to identify the hurt the addiction has caused, seek out accountability, and learn how to cope with life’s challenges.

Thriveworks also offers psychiatry in Franklin, MA. If a diagnosis needs to be made, a counselor, therapist or coach could make a referral to a doctor who can offer drug therapy among other solutions. People in Franklin seeking medication management may also benefit from our psychiatrists.

What does a therapist deal with?

There are many reasons to see a mental health therapist or counselor. Some people begin therapy not knowing their goal, but with time and the help of a caring professional, the challenges and the goals become clear.

Some of the reasons people have come to us for therapy in Franklin include:

Categorizing complex life challenges is difficult, and not all mental health difficulties can be easily labeled. Regardless of what you may be facing, our counselors in Franklin care and they want to help.

Thriveworks Franklin, MA: the gym but for your mind

Do you feel rewarded after a good workout? Going to therapy or counseling is just like going to a session with a personal training — for your peace of mind. People tend to prioritize physical health over mental health. But making an appointment with a counselor or therapist in Franklin, MA might be the key to unlocking your peace of mind and then feeling good about the decisions you make — whether or not they include weight training 🙂

Stigmatization, fear or a sense that it is better to stick-it-out on your own may prevent some from taking the first step and reaching out to a therapist or counselor. If life is out of balance, a mental health professional could make a great deal of difference for you and your loved ones. Our therapists in Franklin have helped many people regain balance and we hope to help you as well.

Our office wants to prioritize your well-being. Many first-time clients see their therapist within 24 hours of their first call. Weekend and evening appointments are available, and we work with many insurance providers. You can book an appointment online or call us at (617) 360-7210 to find a counselor who you feel comfortable with.

Are you ready to make a change with the support of a mental health professional? Call us to set up an appointment with a therapist in Franklin and get started on your journey toward wellbeing and positive transformations!

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