Children, Teens, & Adolescents

Parents and teachers: Work together to identify learning disorders in kids and help them learn and live well

Learning disorders usually present in children at a young age. However, that doesn’t always mean that a diagnosis will be made promptly. Often, parents wonder if their child’s delays or behaviors are normal (because what’s normal, anyhow?) or think they’ll “grow out of it.” Fortunately, there are other key figures…

October is National Bullying Prevention Month: What can you do to help stop bullying?

From elementary school through high school, many children experience bullying from their classmates every year.  Bullying is harmful to all parties and can cause lingering emotional trauma that affects children well into adulthood. In an effort to protect kids and limit bullying’s damaging effects, October has been recognized as National…

How can adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma affect us in adulthood?

Childhood, if nothing else, is a memorable period of our lives. Hopefully, we can recall blissful memories: of holidays, old friends, family vacations, and time spent simply running around, doing all the things kids do. But not every childhood experience is so positive—some of us have adverse childhood experiences. In…

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