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Jared knows that something hasn’t felt right since he separated from his wife, Lisa. Now that he’s on his own again for the first time in several years, Jared is having difficulty withholding his negative thoughts and emotions from overwhelming him. Because of the time and commitment he put into his relationship, Jared doesn’t have the support network or friend circle he needs to start feeling better. On his own, he feels like getting over his divorce is an uphill battle. 

But instead of losing hope, Jared wants to talk to a mental health professional about the struggles he’s faced with. He knows that by opening up to a provider, he’ll be able to start making progress and alleviating some of the stress and sadness that are lingering on his mind. Though he knows that it could take some time to get over Lisa, he’s confident that mental health services will aid him in his journey. 

Like Jared, you may also be looking to find assistance and support from a mental health professional. At Thriveworks in Coral Springs, Florida, our counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists are eager to help you start moving forward towards emotional wellbeing. Call our office to be connected with a provider who cares. You can thrive—we can help. 

Should I Talk with a Mental Health Professional? 

Absolutely; there’s nothing to lose by connecting with one of our providers. Many people assume that mental health services aim to help us become perfect. The reality is that the providers at Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL are simply focused on helping you achieve your personal goals—making you into the best version of yourself. 

Anyone at any stage in their life can benefit from talking with a mental health professional. Though each client’s needs and concerns often vary, our providers can assist those who are struggling to cope with: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Grief 
  • Depression 
  • ADHD 
  • Relationship problems 
  • Stress 
  • Family dynamic issues 
  • And many other challenges 

And if you aren’t seeing your particular concern or situation being addressed, don’t be concerned. These are just a few of the many different topics and mental health conditions that a Thriveworks provider can help you to manage. 

Benefits of Online Psychiatry

With the hectic schedule that our job, family, and other obligations create, many of us struggle to set aside time to take care of ourselves and prioritize our needs. That’s why virtual mental health services—online psychiatry, in particular, can be so helpful. At Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL we offer 100% virtual psychiatry sessions with our industry-leading psychiatric team. With their expert guidance, you can start to better manage your mental health needs discretely from home, the office, or while traveling. 

If you’re not familiar with what a psychiatrist is, they are: 

  • Specialized providers who are medical doctors in addition to being licensed therapists 
  • Able to prescribe helpful medication to better assist clients with their mental health conditions.  
  • Better equipped to help clients who are struggling to manage emotional or behavioral conditions such as ADHD or major depression. 

By talking with a psychiatrist at Thriveworks, you can get the upper hand on the painful thoughts and emotions that are holding you back from reaching your potential. While not everyone will be prescribed medication as part of their treatment plan, having the option is just another way that Thriveworks aims to put its clients first. Online psychiatry could be part of a balanced lifestyle, a way to stay in control of your mental health challenges, without: 

  • Throwing off your busy schedule
  • Having to leave the house if you’re watching kids, relatives, or working from home
  • Needing to commute to a physical location for your sessions 

Schedule Therapy, Counseling, or a Psychiatric Session at Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL

When you feel ready to schedule your first session with Thriveworks in Coral Springs, FL, give our office a call to start the enrollment process. Our scheduling specialists will assist you with each step of the way—from finding the right provider to pinning down the perfect session time, they’ve got you covered.  A when you choose to become a Thriveworks enrollee, you’ll receive instant access to an array of exclusive perks, including: 

  • Evening and weekend session times
  • The ability to call or email your provider between sessions
  • Help from our support team, 7 days a week
  • Being able to cancel/reschedule for free with a 23.5 hours’ notice

Consider whether talking to a mental health professional could open the door to increased emotional wellbeing and personal growth. Our counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists are waiting to assist you. Contact our office in Coral Springs, FL to get the professional support and guidance you need to take back your independence from the mental health conditions and challenges standing in your way.

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