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Our providers help people make meaningful advances in their lives. We accept most insurances, and offer weekend and evening sessions.

Rated 4.5 overall from 10,849 Google reviews

The great NFL quarterback Russell Wilson once stated, “If we start being honest about our pain, our anger, and our shortcomings instead of pretending they don’t exist, then maybe we’ll leave the world a better place than we found it.” Wilson is just one of the many celebrities who have spoken up in recent years about their mental health journeys. But tackling the outdated stigma surrounding mental health conditions and treatment, famous people like Wilson can inspire others to get the support they need. 

The mental health providers at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring are equipped with the compassion and expertise needed to help people navigate life’s complexities. Thriveworks providers are fully licensed and recruited from the top 4% of applicants, ensuring that they’re among the most qualified to render specialty services like psychiatry, psychotherapy, and counseling. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Mental Health Providers? 

The mental health field is divided into various specialties. At Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring, people may encounter the following providers:

  • Psychotherapists, who provide talk therapy. Psychotherapists can hail from a number of disciplines. 
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPCs), who offer short-term, solution-focused counseling services.
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs), who help couples and families enhance their interpersonal relationships.
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), who offer counseling and guidance for social services.
  • Psychiatrists (MDs), medical doctors who can prescribe medications and manage short-term or long-term pharmaceutical drug treatments like antidepressants, as well as provide psychotherapy. 
  • Psychologists (PhDs or PsyDs), who use psychotherapy approaches tailored to the client. Psychologists can be counseling psychologists or clinical psychologists. 

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at 

There are a number of evidence-based approaches to mental health treatment that can help people work through their complex issues. At Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring, our providers will comprehensively evaluate their clients and help come up with a personalized treatment plan.

Here’s a list of the main mental health services offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring:

Through counseling, therapy, and/or psychiatry services, we help with a range of mental health conditions and other challenges, including:

Our providers — from therapists/counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners — specialize in a range of counseling approaches, but they’ll cater your treatment to your unique preferences and needs. They might utilize:

What Should I Look for in a Therapist?

It can be hard to know where to begin once you decide to start the valuable process of therapy. Choosing a therapist can be highly subjective. But there are a few basic criteria that can be helpful to keep in mind:

  1. The therapist should be fully licensed in Texas. All the mental health providers at Thriveworks are fully licensed in their respective states.
  2. Counseling should be affordable. Thriveworks providers in Spring, TX accept most major forms of health insurance coverage. For people paying out-of-pocket, Thriveworks offers competitive self-pay rates.
  3. You should be able to meet with your therapist in comfort, at your convenience.  Thriveworks counselors in Harris County can meet with clients virtually in secure, HIPAA-compliant online counseling sessions. They can also meet clients in-person at the modern office in Spring, TX.
  4. The provider should be experienced. Thriveworks providers treat a wide variety of issues like social anxiety, postpartum depression, neurodiverse children, panic attacks, and much more, for a diverse clientele.  

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The mental health providers at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring are available to meet with new clients quickly, usually within 24-48 hours. Just call our office to get matched to your ideal provider. As an additional membership benefit, Thriveworks clients can access their provider by phone or email between sessions. Whether clients choose virtual sessions or in-person counseling, the sessions are of the same quality. 

It’s never too late to begin the hard work of being happy. Talking to a therapist or psychiatrist can enrich your life in ways that are hard to imagine. Get started on your journey today by calling Thriveworks.

Where Is Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring Located?

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Spring is located at 20008 Champion Forest Dr Ste 704, Spring, TX 77379. We share a building with Stability Partners and Sudesco Corp. If you have trouble finding us, please call our office. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Rated 4.5 overall from 10,849 Google reviews

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