What is Text-Chat Counseling?

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With Text-chat counseling, client and counselor meet in a secure “chat room” for counseling. Since text-chat counseling is in real time, it closely emulates in-person dialogue. The emotion-rich back-and-forth between counselor and client can feel very similar to an in-person discussion, especially when both users are well-acquainted with the modality. Also, like email counseling, text-chat counseling is relatively low tech. That is, it is not complicated to use a text-chat program for it has basically the same functionality as the Microsoft Word program I am using to type right now.

However, text-chat counseling is not as flexible as email counseling. Even though client and counselor do not meet at the same place, they do need to be available at the same time for a counseling session. To some, this is a limitation of the text-chat modality.

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