The Advantages of Online Counseling: Introduction and Overview

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the proposed advantages of Online Counseling
  2. Identify the proposed advantages of text-based counseling
  3. Learn how anonymity has been an important part of counseling services for decades
  4. Learn several ways Online Counseling can reduce client social stigma

In the first chapter I eluded to Online Counseling possessing a multitude of advantages over in-person counseling. I also mentioned that some of these advantages are unique to the type of Counseling method being used. Many people are surprised when they learn just how many advantages are really present. But should we be? Of course, if we didn’t suspect Online Counseling to possess significant advantages over in-person services, we wouldn’t bother to investigate it. We wouldn’t be interested in integrating it into our already hectic counseling practices. So what are the advantages of Online Counseling? Identifying and explaining proposed advantages is the goal of this chapter.

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