Online Therapy Costs

Affordability: Online Counseling has potential to be more economical than in-person counseling due to lower overhead costs of counselors who do not need to rent commercial space, as well as the elimination of client and counselor commuting costs. Concerning the value of client time, the hours invested in counseling may be less with Online Counseling due to elimination of travel, lack of a waiting room experience, and the goal-directed focus that often ensues with distance communication.60

It has been suggested that Online Counseling facilitates goal-directed communication, for when communicating through phone and Internet, ‘small talk’ is greatly reduced and individuals address important matters faster. One study explains, “CMC partners forgo the peripheral questions and answers that mark the normal, superficial exchanges among new acquaintances in FTF encounters.”

60 Boucher, J., Pronk, N., & Gahling, E. (2003, Fall). Telephone based lifestyle counseling.  Diabetes Spectrum, 13(4), 190.

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