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Couples Counseling in Wilkes-Barre, PA—Establishing a Healthy Relationship

Finding love and staying in love is easy. Just think of the latest Disney princess movie or romantic comedy. Every obstacle is overcome and every conflict is resolved within 2-hours. If only being a real-life couple were so easy. Happily-ever-after in real life looks like work and commitment—not finding the right frog to kiss or waiting for a fairy-Godmother to show up. There are no short-cuts in real-life relationships. Every couple fights. Every couples gets annoyed with each other. Every couple feels anger or resentment or apathy at times within the relationship. More and more, partners are going to couples therapy as they work through these challenges.

Couples counseling is not a magic potion, but it often gives partners the skills they need to work through their problems and connect in a deeper way.

“I think for any relationship to be successful, there needs to be loving communication, appreciation, and understanding.” —Miranda Kerr

Many people desire to have a relationship with their partner that is filled with loving communication, appreciation, and understanding, but they may not know how to make it happen. The therapists at Thriveworks Wilkes-Barre have worked with many couples who were struggling. Couples therapy is not a quick-fix, but it often helps partner improve their relationship—whatever form that relationship may take.

Happy, Healthy Relationships

Everywhere partners turn, they are bombarded with unrealistic and unhelpful expectations for their relationship. Movies, TV shows, magazine, YouTube channels have a thousand ways to re-ignite a connection with your partner. The truth is, much of this advice focuses upon big romantic gestures, but little, everyday interactions make or break a relationship. What do those everyday interactions look like in a happy, healthy relationship?

1) Partners do not hide their fault but are fully known.
Healthy partners are free to be themselves—in their strengths and their weaknesses. They do not hide their own faults or keep secrets. Each partner appreciates the other for who they are—not for who they are not. Healthy couples confide their fears, hopes, stresses, and opportunities. This vulnerability allows them to build intimacy within the relationship.

2) Partners take responsibility for their own feelings, responsibilities, and choices.
Healthy people do not stop being an individual when they are also in a committed relationship. Couples often run into trouble when they are taking responsibility for each other’s choices, feelings, and responsibilities. Instead, healthy partners continue to maintain their individuality within the relationship.

3) Differences of opinion are appreciated and even celebrated.
If partners are maintaining their unique individuality, then there will be differences of opinion. No two people think and feel the same way about everything. In fact, opposites often attract. Strong couples welcome each other’s feelings and thoughts. They respect a different point of view. These disagreements are the strength of healthy couples.

4) Partners always relate to each other respectfully, even if they are annoyed with each other.
Just as partners will inevitably disagree, they will also inevitably be annoyed with each other at some point. Maybe one partner chews loudly or does not always do the dishes or leaves their shoes out. Whatever the annoyances is, strong couples either ignore it or address it directly. They never mock or shame each other. There is never an excuse to let go of respect.

5) Each partner has the other’s back.
Strong partners are each other’s cheerleaders. They know each other’s goals and dreams, and they support each other. They do not allow others to put their partner down, but publicly and privately, they have each other’s back.

6) Both partners serve each other.
Being in a relationship means making sacrifices. Strong couples willingly serve one another. They do not split the work 50-50. They both give. They both receive. Service is a privilege of the relationship.

7) Time together is a top priority.
Schedules will always be full, but strong partners always find the time for each other. When couples do not prioritize their time together, it is often a red flag for a bigger problem. Healthy couples often schedule their time together, guard it, and even say “no” to other opportunities when they need to.

Setting Up an Appointment for Couples Counseling at Thriveworks Wilkes-Barre

As you read through the ways that couples can relate to one another in a healthy way, did you recognize an area where you and your partner can improve? No relationship is perfect, and when couples are working through challenges, it is often helpful to work with a therapist. Couples counseling may help partners by…

  • Providing a safe space to discuss. Can you relate to this? One minute, you and your partner are discussing where to get ice cream, and the next minute, you are fighting about money. It happens. It’s called escalation. Couples therapist often teach partners healthy conflict resolution skills so that tension can be resolved, and it does not escalate.
  • Making a plan for change. Certain adjustments will help couples more than others. Skilled therapists can often help their clients assess what changes to make and when.

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