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Disagreements and teenage rebellion are part of the parent-teen experience. In fact, some conflict and minor limit-testing is actually an expected part of teenage development and growth. Teens are learning how to be independent and how to navigate successfully through their expanding world. This push for independence can create conflict that leaves parents and teens in opposite corners and feeling frustrated. Communication breaks down.

Sometimes, teen rebellion goes beyond a bit of limit-testing. The risk-taking and consequences become more significant. The parent-teen conflicts become more heated. You, as a parent, have that feeling that something just isn’t right but your teen isn’t talking.
When it’s your child who is struggling, it can turn your world upside down. Asking for help for your child can be a daunting task.

Westwood Counseling would like to help! With expertise in working with teens and families, Westwood therapists and Westwood life coaches can help you and your teen to break through those communication roadblocks and learn to solve problems in new and more effective ways.

How Can Counseling or Coaching Help My Teen?

Teens come to counseling or coaching for many of the same reasons as adults. Depression, anxiety, school problems, parent-teen issues, life changes (e.g., a move, parents’ divorce), grief and even break-ups are just a few of the reasons a parent might seek help for their teen. Depending on the issues and needs, parents and teens might engage in family counseling.

Counseling and life coaching can be helpful to teens in many ways. A therapist or life coach can help your teen to:

  • Understand the thoughts and feelings he/she is experiencing
  • Learn new ways of decision making and problem solving
  • Learn and use effective coping skills that result in more positive choices and outcomes
  • Learn new ways of communicating and expressing feelings that promote positive outcomes and relationships. This may include family therapy to strengthen the parent-child communication and cooperation.
  • Learn to cope with adverse situations in healthy ways

The therapist or life coach can also help you with referrals for your teen if other services are needed. The therapist can provide an additional layer of support for you and for your teen as you learn how to navigate those difficult teenage years together.

What If I Don’t Know What My Teen Needs?

You may not be sure what your teen’s issues are or exactly what he or she needs. Your teen may not be sure either or may be resistant to counseling. That’s ok. We can still help! The Westwood therapists and life coaches are trained to work with teens and the resistance that is sometimes present. They will fully assess the situation and develop a plan for care. Sometimes having a neutral, supportive person that they know they can talk openly with is all a teen needs to get a dialogue started.

How Can I Get Help For My Teen?

Whatever your teen is struggling with, you will find expert help and support at Westwood Counseling. We understand how hard it can be to reach out for help and that you need help now.
When you call, we will pair your teen with an Westwood therapist or an Westwood life coach usually within 24 hours.

We know that you have many choices for therapists and coaches. The Westwood therapists and life coaches would be honored work with your family.

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