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For much of the human existence, stress was crucial for human survival. That gut feeling of danger drove hunter-gatherer societies to seek shelter, hunt food, and care for their families. Biologically, we are hard-wired for danger.

Of course, the situation has changed quite dramatically. Most of us hunt our food in a Walmart grocery aisle and seek shelter in already built, secure, warm homes. So, did those high-stress instincts go away? No! The same system of cortisol and danger signals that kept you alive during a bear attack is still in affect when you sit down to study, go to work, or drive a car. The stakes of survival are vastly different, but our bodies haven’t yet caught up.

And for some, that system is especially great at pointing out danger, even when it doesn’t exist. Anxiety is an exhausting, frustrating struggle. But you are not alone. The counselors at Thriveworks Stoughton understand where you are coming from, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It may seem like a hopeless, uphill battle—how many times have you recognized your fears as being irrational… but still continued to fear them? Thriveworks Stoughton is here to tell you it is possible to regain control of your thoughts and anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

For someone with anxiety, one of the most exasperating things someone can say is “Well, stress is good for you!” On one hand, yes. Stress drives college students to study and not drop out. It allows you to produce high quality work on time and gives mothers the super powers to take care of their children.

But stress is not anxiety. Anxiety can be all-consuming. It can cause you to freeze in the moment you should be moving, or overwork to the point of exhaustion. It can feel like a waking, breathing nightmare. How can you distinguish a healthy dose of stress from anxiety? These symptoms are common in people who struggle with anxiety:

  • Racing heartbeat, or tightness of chest throughout the day.
  • Unusual sweating
  • Tense muscles (a lot of people with anxiety find certain areas constantly tight, like the upper back)
  • Feeling dizzy or in a constant mental fog
  • Racing thoughts
  • Insomnia (not able to fall sleep, waking up multiple times during the night, or waking up early and not being able to fall back asleep)
  • Constant state of dread (Feeling like something bad will happen or already happened)
  • Doubting yourself
  • Not doing things that you use to find pleasure in

This is by no means a comprehensive list. The symptoms of anxiety are many and unique to the situation and person. Some may feel anxious only in specific scenarios—seeing a dog or eating in front of people. Others may have recurring, distressing thoughts. The most common form of anxiety is a general one, in which that lingering feeling of danger persists through most of the day.

Stoughton counselors want to stress that there is nothing wrong or bad with someone struggling from anxiety. It is common, and there are many tools we can use to help bring control back into your life and mind.

What Is Anxiety Counseling Like?

A counseling session with Stoughton Thriveworks will be very individualized and focused on the most important aspect of therapy—you! We understand that each situation is unique, and you may have your own thoughts about the therapy process or goals for yourself. That’s great! Our Thriveworks counselors are here to support you and guide you back to the place you want to be.

We do have many tools that have been proven, over many years of practice and learning, to help clients regain control of anxiety. Therapy has been found by researchers to be one of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety. Some techniques we may utilize include:

  • Thinking critically about one’s thoughts. Are they true? Why or why not?
  • Cognitive distortions are common flaws in human thinking that may exasperate or even cause anxiety. We can guide you through recognizing these thought patterns in yourself and how to stop them.
  • Coping methods. It sucks, but it won’t go away after a night. Learning how to manage when bad anxiety does hit is crucial.
  • Talking about the core problem. Sometimes anxiety is a result of external factors that are hard to see. Thriveworks counselors are trained to walk with you through your thoughts and life experiences, untangling what may be the root cause.
  • Exposing you to the thing that causes your anxiety. It sounds awful, but we’ll be with you the entire time. Facing your anxiety in a safe, controlled environment can be extremely useful in overcoming it.

These are just some examples of methods we can use. The important part is that you feel like you’re making progress. The counselors at Thriveworks Stoughton are here to walk with you through your anxiety and ensure that you do make that progress.

Anxiety can be isolating and hopeless. It can suck the joy out of life and prevent you from moving forward. But there is hope. Counseling with Thriveworks Stoughton can be the fuel you need to overcome your anxiety and get your life back. We are excited to meet you and start this journey with you! Give us a call at (781) 318-8080.

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