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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in State College, PA

The reasons to begin couples therapy and/or marriage counseling vary. Many people think a relationship should be in the throes of a crisis in order to seek therapy, but counseling may be beneficial for a host of other issues. For good communication, improvement in conflict resolution, and the fulfillment of an intimate and close relationship, couples choose to visit a counselor or therapist!

Couples therapy and marriage counseling at Thriveworks State College, PA has helped countless couples that have experienced a diversity of issues. Qualified therapists help their clients find new insights and work on skills, helping them form habits that positively affect their relationships. Whether relationships are undergoing large or small issues, they can be examined with the help of the professional couples therapists at Thriveworks State College Counseling.

Common Relationship Issues Addressed in Couples Therapy

Many couples have benefited from working with the couples therapists at Thriveworks State College. These professionals help couples with their issues and guide them in the direction of positive relationships. Building a better partnership is possible, and it starts here. Some of the issues couples experience are:

1. A partner is seen as an antagonist.

Sometimes it feels like partners are on opposite sides of the battlefield waging war with one another. At times, voices may be raised to emphasize a point—and a spouse responds by a raised voice or surrenders into another room. At other times, one person may criticize the other to show how things could be done better. One spouse may feel that the other gets to have all the fun while the partner has to watch the kids or go to work. With countless scenarios that depict couples playing against each other in the “game of love,” these patterns may find the couple becoming weary, disenchanted and sometimes just wanting off the team.

2. One or both partners have an affair.

When one or both partners have an affair, it may seem like there is no solution to saving the relationship. Recovering from an affair is not impossible, but it takes a tremendous amount of work. Both parties need to make a resolution and be willing to forgive and move forward. No magic potion can help in the recovery of an affair, but with honesty and a commitment to therapy, the marriage may be salvaged or, at the very least, determined that it is healthier for both people to move on.

3. Sex life has shifted significantly.

It is not unusual for sex to lessen when a couple has been together for a while. However, significant changes in the bedroom may be a signal that something is not right. In relationships that started out hot, where the partners couldn’t keep their minds off of each other and were intimate anytime they could be, it may not be the case anymore. Partners who were once turned on to each other may now be too turned on to technology, have multiple distractions or have begun to tire of the same old routine. Ironically, just as a lack of intimacy may signal trouble in a relationship, an increase in sex can also be a sign of challenges, such as one partner trying to make up for something they feel they are doing wrong.

4. Partners act out on negative feelings.

When an individual feels something on the inside, it will eventually show on the outside. Even when masking feelings for a time, they are bound to surface. Negative feelings, such as resentment and disappointment, can turn into hurtful and even harmful behavior. An example is a wife being hurt by her husband’s indiscretions. She agreed to stay in the relationship and work on the marriage, but she became very spiteful. She would do things to make her husband believe she was being unfaithful even though she was not. While trying to make him feel the same pain she felt, the actions of the wife were counterproductive to getting the marriage back on track.

These are only a sample of the issues couples may experience in their relationships. Whether there are a few ups and downs or what seems to be an insurmountable issue, there is help.

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