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Many people struggle with loneliness and social isolation. Others struggle only with loneliness – even when they’re surrounded by friends and family they still feel lonely. Whether you’re lonely because you’re separated from people you care about or you feel disconnect from those around you, there are actions you can take to feel better.

Talk to a friend you trust

Do you know anyone who’s dealt with this same issue? If someone immediately comes to mind, and they’ve come out the other end of the issue, talk to them and get some feedback. They may be able to offer ideas on how they got through it. Even if you don’t know anyone who’s dealt with these issues, just talking to someone you trust can help you feel better.

Try meditating

One of the problems people who suffer from loneliness deal with is a hyper-focus on how lonely they are. They begin to feel sad and alone and from them on, all they think about is how alone they feel. Meditating can help you identify some of the thoughts that are keeping you lonely and can help you release them.

Consider animal therapy

Animals have a proven therapeutic effect on loneliness. Cuddling with, petting, or talking a dog for a walk can help you feel less alone. The purr and unconditional love of a cat can also help you feel better. If you don’t currently have a pet, consider volunteering at a shelter, starting a dog walking side business, or visit with a neighbor or friend’s pet. Even fish can help people feel more connected and less alone.

Let a counselor walk you through this experience

There are many actions you could take on your own, including the ideas on this list, but a counselor can assess your unique situation and come up with ideas that are target to your exact issues. If there’s an underlying reason for your loneliness they can help you work through it.

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