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Healthy Relationships Make Happy People

We’ve all seen them, those happy couples sharing their relationship with us in small ways. It might be that smiling older couple, walking slowly together into the store while holding hands. We hear the joy they share as they talk about tomatoes and fruit salad. It could be the laughing young couple sitting on the bench. We can see the way they lean close to whisper happy secrets to each other. Maybe we’re more familiar with the married couple, sharing a last smile and hug as they part for the day. The happiness and joy these people provide help us remember that a healthy relationship really improves our life.

No matter the outward appearance, healthy relationships have many of the same foundations. A healthy relationship is generally built on:

Open Communication – You and your partner feel comfortable sharing things that bother you.

Mutual Respect – You feelings and desires have value to your partner, as theirs do for you.

Individual Identity – Each of you work to maintain healthy individuality.

Compromise – You try to solve conflicts in a fair way with your partner.

Mutual Support – You try to encourage each other and build each other up.

Achieving a healthy relationship is no easy feat but when you have one, it seems to illuminate everything about your life.

Healthy Relationships Aren’t Easy

The idea that two halves can make a whole may work in mathematics, but it doesn’t usually work with relationships. Instead of adding and increasing each other, two emotionally unhealthy individuals can end up reducing each other. This isn’t done intentionally, but usually occurs because of issues the individuals bring to a relationship.

Thriveworks couples therapists and counselors in Spokane WA have worked with individuals facing unresolved issues and know how past hurts can affect the present. We can work with you to begin unmasking these issues and learn how to address them. We can help you and your partner discuss your individual ideas about what the relationship should be and work with you to reconcile any differences. As you work with our counselors to the challenges holding you back, you can learn how to move forward to the healthy relationship you want.

Our Relationship Professionals Want to Help

The Thriveworks counselors and therapists in Spokane WA care about you and your relationship. It’s the main reason we do what we do. During your visits, we work to create a warm atmosphere where you are able to share openly. Our care extends beyond the effort we provide in your sessions and includes flexibility in meeting with you based on your schedule.

Our relationship professionals couple their caring attitudes with at least a master’s level education in mental health and wellness. This degree is coupled with practical experience working under the supervision of licensed therapists, as well as independently with other couples. All of this education and experience can be brought to bear to help you.

We’re Available to Start Working with You

Our couples counselors and therapists in Spokane understand how stressful relationship issues can be. We want to make it easy for you to find the help you’re looking for. If you’re ready to begin, we’re here to offer our help.

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