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Alexandra loves her family dearly and couldn’t imagine life without her partner and children there by her side. She thinks about them when she leaves home for work, and one of her greatest joys is embracing them when she returns home. She spends her spare time thinking up fun activities for them to enjoy together in the evenings and on the weekends.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that every day for Alexandra’s family is filled with rainbows and butterflies. They have their hardships and frustrations with one another and sometimes their disagreements can get out of hand. The tension can linger afterward for weeks on end, making her feel like she’s walking on eggshells.

Alexandra hates to admit it, but at times like that, she wonders if things are ever going to get any better. It can be hard to remember the good times when her family is so swept up in a tug of war.

If you feel at all like Alexandra, you probably realize that it takes effort to maintain happy and healthy family bonds. However, relationships are two-sided at a minimum, and you can’t improve them all by yourself.

Countless families have come to Thriveworks to speak openly about their issues and find solutions to make things better. You don’t get through the pain by diminishing it or ignoring it. You get through it by accepting it, speaking truthfully, and working collaboratively to change the future.

Opening up to a family therapist in Redondo Beach, CA might be the missing link to making your family bonds stronger and tighter than ever. A family counseling appointment at Thriveworks can be the most thoughtful gift you give your loved ones this year.

When Is the Right Time To Seek Therapy as a Family?

If an issue is threatening the stability of your family system at home, then it might be time to consider family therapy. Some of the most common challenges that prompt families to reach out for counseling include:

  • Moving to a new location
  • A change in jobs
  • Struggles with substance abuse
  • Mental health issues
  • A loss of a loved one
  • A separation or divorce
  • Problems affecting children at school
  • Financial difficulties
  • Health concerns

If your family has been affected by issues like these, you may want to consider speaking with a marriage and family therapist in Redondo Beach, CA. It can be difficult to handle these issues on your own and sometimes the objective, neutral perspective of a Thriveworks therapist can make all the difference.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

You may be at your wits’ end when it comes to the problems your family is facing. Family counseling can make a difference. With their experience and knowledge of family relationships, licensed therapists can help you address specific issues, adjust behavior patterns, and open up lines of communication.

A few common types of family therapy include:

  • Narrative therapy, which allows everyone to share their personal stories and focus on adjusting those stories to better solve problematic behaviors
  • Transgenerational therapy, which takes into account every generation in a family and allows the therapist to pick up on core struggles as well as potential conflicts
  • Structural therapy, which looks at the hierarchies and boundaries of the family (i.e., the structures) and how the family members interact with each other as a result

Depending on your particular issues, your treatment plan with a mental health professional may look different from the course of action that other families take. Whichever route you end up taking with your therapist, your therapy sessions will provide a safe space to work toward improving communication, learning coping skills, and creating a happier family system.

Family therapists at Thriveworks in Redondo Beach, CA are ready to help you improve your relationships and get on the path to a less stressful and healthier life.

Schedule Therapy for Your Family at Thriveworks in Redondo Beach, CA

If problems at home are starting to feel overwhelming, consider talking to a counselor at Thriveworks. Our mental health professionals are here to cut your obstacles down to size and help get your home environment back on track.

Clients can see a mental health provider in as little as 24 hours from the time they reach out, with availability on evenings and weekends to help accommodate busy schedules between family members. If traditional therapy appointments in-person are difficult to manage, our online therapy appointments will help keep your counseling on track remotely.

You’ll be able to experience many benefits when you enroll with us, including:

  • The Therapy Buddy app to reinforce the lessons learned during therapy
  • A virtual discussion group moderated by professionals
  • Free digital resources and educational video content
  • The ability to handle billing and scheduling queries via text message

We accept many insurance plans to keep your out-of-pocket costs at a minimum. If you’re ready to see what a family therapist can do for you, reach out to schedule an appointment today at Thriveworks in Redondo Beach, CA.

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