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Perry Counseling – Mental Health, Therapy, GA Depression Help

Life is a constant cycle of change. Relationships begin and end. Situations change. Unexpected things happen. Sometimes these are welcome changes. Other times, change can feel like the world is closing in and send us reeling. Feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and confusion can quickly become overwhelming. Where do you turn? How can you get through this rough patch and back on the path to happiness?

In times of challenge and change, Perry Counseling can help. An Perry therapist or life coach can help you to understand the feelings you are experiencing and help you find new ways of coping so that you can move forward into your future with hope and confidence.

What Kinds of Problems Can Counseling or Coaching Help?

Counseling and coaching can help people with lots of different issues and needs.

A few of the many reasons people seek counseling or coaching are:

  • Anxiety or stress
  • Marital therapy
  • Career counseling
  • Life transitions such as divorce or a job change
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Addiction or substance abuse
  • Trauma or depression

You may not know exactly what is causing your distress. You just know that you aren’t feeling your best, like you are off of your game or not coping well. Sometimes just having someone to talk with can lighten the load and help to identify what the struggle really is. The therapists and life coaches at Perry Counseling can help you do just that.

The experienced professionals at Perry Counseling will help you identify those things that may be causing distress in your life as well as the goals that you have for yourself. Once you understand what those needs are, you and your counselor or life coach can develop a plan to help you get back on track and thriving!

Do I Need Counseling or Life Coaching?

Whether your needs would best be met by counseling or life coaching depends on what your particular needs and goals might be. Some people have emotional or unresolved issues that require healing before moving on to new goals. Making major life changes takes a lot of emotional energy and trying to do so with unresolved emotional issues can be incredibly difficult. Counseling may be a better starting place for this situation. Others are in a more stable emotional place but find themselves struggling with moving forward towards goals. They may be ready emotionally for change but unable to break through the barriers holding them back. Life coaching may be a better place to start. Still others are somewhere in between.

Be assured, there is not a “cookie cutter” formula for choosing. So much depends upon the individual and what approach is best suited to meet their needs. The team at Perry Counseling will help you with these decisions and make recommendations based on your needs and goals.

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Rated 4.5 overall from 10,849 Google reviews

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