Marriage Counseling

Divorce Rates – Why So High?
Divorce rate in the US has remained high for many years now. Measuring the actual divorce rate is a complicated matter and demographers argue to this day on what is really the most correct way to approach this topic. The widely cited 40%-50% rate is in fact just a generic projection of a divorce risk which should not be regarded as a universally applicable number. What this means is that a range of personal factors and life experiences will influence every married couple’s chances of getting a divorce – these may include race, age, income, education or religious affiliation, among many others. Consequently, some spouses may in fact face a risk much lower than the estimated 40%-50%, whilst for the unlucky ones this percentage can be remarkably higher.

Setting the scientific subtleties aside, it is an undeniable fact that in many Western countries, including the USA, divorce has become an all too common phenomenon. Understanding why this is the case is yet another complicated matter and no simplistic explanation will suffice. Many point out that phenomena like gender freedom or certain lifestyle changes (e.g. having children later) feed into this trend, but these two surely reveal only a limited part of the explanation. In the end, the causes of divorce are diverse and often a product of a distinct situation of a couple.

Divorce From A Therapist’s Perspective
A different perspective on the topic can be heard from marriage therapists, relationship coaches and educators. These experts generally agree that one of the primary causes of divorce and marital unhappiness is the lack of sufficient repair in the wake of disagreements that occur on a repetitive basis. The development of a severe and irreparable resentment between the partners is often a consequence of this persistent absence of reconciliation, rendering divorce inevitable. Some specialists note that the high divorce rate in America can be explained by the stubborn belief of many couples that they can fix their problems themselves. As a matter of fact, research suggests that partners in troubled relationships will not seek marriage or couples counseling until they have been unhappy for an average of 6 years. This excessive confidence and ‘I can do it alone’ attitude are among the factors crippling American marriages, as some experts believe.

Benefits Of Marriage Therapy
Frequently divorce originates from conflicts that can be resolved through improved conversation, an attempt at mutual understanding and a higher effort on the part of both spouses to control their emotions. It is, however, important for the couple to recognize that often this cannot be achieved without the help of an experienced marriage counselor. To truly enjoy the benefits of a successful marriage therapy it is therefore recommended that conflicted partners do not wait too long before seeking professional help. At the end of the day, the longer the conflict simmers, the lower the chances of saving the marriage.

At Thriveworks Marblehead we believe that finding a solution to your marital problems is possible. Our experienced marriage therapists work with spouses at different stages of their relationships, helping them tackle various issues and concerns – ranging from the emotionally highly charged conflicts, caused by an extra-marital affair or a financial discord, to the disagreements less severe in nature. No two cases are the same – every married couple is different and our marriage therapy sessions are tailored to our clients’ individual needs accordingly. If you think your marriage might be at risk, do contact our clinic today to arrange your first marriage therapy session.

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