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Infidelity and Adultery Counseling – Therapists and Coaches in Marblehead

Many of us may struggle to understand the origins of infidelity. Multiple circumstances are regarded as conducive to this phenomenon and infidelity affects not only the unhappy couples, but also those people who are generally satisfied with their relationships. In order to fully comprehend why infidelity happens one has to look at the particular situation of an individual couple. Adultery can have its roots in a profound relationship discord or in a range of personal problems and dilemmas that one partner is subjected to. The complexity of the causes forces many couples to seek professional support in the form of counseling to manage the consequences of adultery in their relationship.

Reportedly, most Americans consider extramarital affairs reprehensible. It is remarkable that 15% of married females and as many as 25% of married males admit to having been involved sexually with a third person at one or more occasions in the course of their marriage.

Risk factors which are commonly associated with infidelity include:

  • A disruption to the physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship.
  • Subjection to the wishes of the other partner and the consequent desire to restore one’s sense of power and control by engaging in an affair.
  • A wish to end the relationship.
  • Preexisting relationship conflicts, mental health problems of one partner, inability to deal with major life changes (arrival of children, empty-nest syndrome).
  • Sex or romance addiction, disrupted sense of self-worth, general feeling of stagnation and boredom.

The Challenges Of Infidelity

Discovering a betrayal destroys the bond of trust and security that is an essential element of many functioning relationships. Once the truth has emerged, the betrayed partner will be subjected to a range of extremely painful feelings, such as disbelief, anger, jealousy and extreme anguish, all of which can culminate in a serious trauma. Physical and mental health and the general quality of life of the partners, as well as that of other family members (especially children) can be affected by the disclosure of infidelity.

It is a commonly observed behavior for the betrayed individual to develop obsessive thoughts about the affair and to have the urge to know everything about the event. Many individuals will become distrustful of their partner and will be on their guard against further signs of infidelity. Some may decide that revenge, often in the form of an affair, is the best way of dealing with their pain. However, the perpetrator will not remain immune to difficult emotions, usually reacting to the situation with feelings of extreme guilt, distress and uncertainty about the future.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Help?

Disclosure of infidelity in a relationship triggers a range of very complex emotions which often means that a couple is incapable of coping with the crisis alone. In the absence of professional guidance some attempts at reconcilement may in fact result in further deterioration of the conflict. Counseling for infidelity is a method proven to help the involved partners better handle their painful emotions, as well as to single out the factors that may have contributed to adultery in their relationship.

At Thriveworks Marblehead we support many couples who have undergone the difficult experience of infidelity. Thanks to the extensive experience our couples and marriage counselors understand how to best help our clients – our counseling for infidelity is designed to respond to the individual needs of every couple. Please, do not hesitate and speak to us today to schedule your first counseling session for infidelity.

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