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Addiction is a particularly complex and often poorly understood area of mental health. Whilst the frequent associations include alcoholism or hard drug addictions, these are certainly not the only forms of addiction that exist in modern society. Addictions are developed to numerous substances or behaviors and in any case coping with them can be very tough for the affected individual. As a result, it is highly recommended that the addict seeks the support of an experienced addiction counselor.

Generally, it is accepted that two key forms of addiction exist – the physical and the psychological. Physical addictions occur when physiological dependencies develop to particular substances. When the substance is removed from the body during a process of detoxification, an affected individual will experience withdrawal symptoms which can often be dangerous.

Psychological addictions often arise hand in hand with physical addictions, but can also exist in isolation. As a state they are defined by the compulsion or an uncontrollable drive to undertake an addictive behavior. An example would be a gambling addiction; the addict is driven to gamble irrespective of the consequences and cannot stop him or herself from doing so. These types of addiction do not require a detox therapy and the treatment almost always takes the form of addiction counseling.

Counseling For Addiction

Depending on the type of addiction, there are normally two stages to its treatment – detoxification and psychological rehabilitation. The detoxification process is the period in which the addict is weaned off the substance under medical supervision. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, takes the form of addiction therapy – whilst there are many different types of therapy to choose from, it is more important to seek a treatment rather than focus on finding a perfect method.

In the addict’s everyday life there will be any number of factors that he or she will be exposed to, factors that will likely trigger an urge to lapse back into addiction. This is why addiction counseling is so crucial – it provides an addict with the tools indispensable to fight these triggers.

Thriveworks Marblehead specializes in addiction counseling and our staff endeavor to provide bespoke services tailored to the individual patient. Why not call our team at Thriveworks Marblehead now to arrange your first counseling session.

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