Find and Connect with a Marriage Counselor or Couples Therapist at Thriveworks in Madison, WI

Find and Connect with a Marriage Counselor or Couples Therapist at Thriveworks in Madison, WI

Ian and his partner Theresa, have been together for three years. Through thick and thin, they’ve stuck together, despite their differences and the arguments that have transpired. At least until recently, they’d been able to rely on each other for support; but now it’s like there’s a brick wall between them. Theresa wants to reconnect with Ian, but she’s not entirely sure how to do that when it feels like he’s a million miles away. 

Now that she’s had some time to think about the current state of their relationship, Theresa’s interested in connecting them with a couples therapist. She’s never talked to a mental health professional about her relationship, so she’s feeling a little bit uncertain, but nonetheless, she knows that having a therapist’s guidance and support could help them to succeed. After talking with Ian, he agreed that it’s for the best that they team up together and seek help. 

If you can relate to Ian and Theresa, then it’s possible that your relationship is encountering its own set of challenges that might seem daunting. If so, then consider whether you and your partner could benefit from talking to a couples therapist or relationship counselor at Thriveworks in Madison, WI. Doing so might feel intimidating at first, but it’s a great way to open the door to professional insight and guidance. 

How Can Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy Benefit Us? 

Deciding to talk with a mental health professional at Thriveworks in Madison, WI is an independent choice that you’ll both need to make on your own; however, doing so can help you both to take larger strides forward in your healing process. With the assistance of one of our providers, you and your partner can start to: 

  • Establish healthy boundaries 
  • Highlight the importance and need for compromise
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or dishonesty 
  • Rekindle sexual intimacy together 
  • Help both partners manage anger or anxiety

We understand that sharing intimate details about your personal life and closest relationship can feel daunting—but doing so can open the door to personalized mental health care that suits the specific needs of your relationship. With new coping strategies and communication methods, both partners will feel better equipped to engage with each other in a healthy and productive manner. 

Do We Need To Talk With a Mental Health Professional About Our Difficulties? 

The short answer is no—there’s nothing dictating that you need to seek professional assistance. But with that being said, there are common signs and indications that serve as warnings when a relationship’s dynamics have started to sour, such as: 

  • Passive-aggressive or abusive behavior 
  • Inability to respect each other’s boundaries
  • Cheating 
  • Arguments that last for hours or days
  • Avoiding physical touch or sex 
  • Lying and other forms of emotional manipulation

If you and the one you love are going through any of the following signs, then you’d most likely benefit from talking to a professional. But there’s no need to feel shame about your situation, and our providers definitely aren’t going to judge you for your unique situation. Instead, it can be helpful to view the therapy or counseling process as a proactive way to ensure that your relationship gets the help it needs to endure. 

Schedule a Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling Session Today in Madison, WI

There’s no need to hesitate if you believe that your relationship could benefit from the assistance of a mental health professional at Thriveworks in Madison, WI. Our providers are ready to help you both move forward in the right direction, and when you call our office, you’ll receive help with becoming a member. You can also rest easy knowing that most of our clients report that their first session occurred within 24-48 hours of first contacting their provider. 

And when you’ve become a member with us, you and your partner will gain instant access to exclusive membership benefits, including: 

  • Scheduling assistance 7 days a week: Our scheduling specialists are available every day of the week, helping you find the right counselor to fit your needs and the schedule that fits both of your lives. 
  • Life coach q/a chat line: For those questions that can’t wait until your next session.
  • Online therapy: With online therapy, moving your relationship forward doesn’t need to be held up by your busy schedule or time spent apart for work or travel. As long as you can talk privately, and get access to the internet, you and your partner can still attend sessions together
  • 23.5-hour cancellations: If something comes up or you aren’t feeling well, rest assured that you won’t be charged for missing your session, as long as you give us a 23.5-hour notice. 

If your relationship is ready to take the next step, call Thriveworks in Madison, WI to start getting the assistance you both deserve. Relationship difficulties can be hard to navigate by yourselves, but with a marriage counselor or couples therapist’s assistance, finding solid ground may become a lot easier. 

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