Find Treatment For Your Anxiety at Thriveworks in Madison, WI

Find Treatment For Your Anxiety at Thriveworks in Madison, WI

As the date to her wedding draws nearer, Margo is finding herself close to the edge. It isn’t that she’s worried about deciding to marry her partner; but instead, she finds herself terrified that she’ll make a mistake at some point during their ceremony. What if she trips? What if she misspeaks? These what-ifs have started to pile up, and it’s not seeming like she’ll be getting relief anytime soon. 

Margo talked with her mom about the persistent anxiety that she’s been dealing with. Her mom was supportive, but she also mentioned that talking with a mental health professional could be beneficial. Margo has never connected with a therapist or counselor before, so she feels uncertain. However, she finds the potential for relief from her anxiety appealing—after all, she wants to enjoy her wedding. 

Margo’s desire to experience relief from anxiety might sound familiar to you. If it does, maybe it’s time that you yourself consider connecting with one of the providers at Thriveworks in Madison, WI. Our team of mental health professionals is ready to help you manage and reduce the harmful effects of persistent anxiety on your life. 

Do I Have Anxiety? How Can I Manage It? 

While anxiety manifests differently for everyone, it does often cause common signs and symptoms that you might have noticed. If you suspect that you’re suffering from anxiety, you might notice the following: 

  • Desire to avoid social encounters 
  • Panic attacks
  • Reliving traumatic experiences in dreams or flashbacks
  • Racing thoughts, inability to focus on daily tasks 
  • Constant fatigue and stress
  • Insomnia

These symptoms are just some of the ways that anxiety can present itself—if you’re diagnosed, you might find that your experience differs. It’s important to never try and self-diagnose, even if you feel sure that you have a condition or disorder. Instead, rely on one of our licensed mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Madison, WI—both our psychiatrists and our psychologists can help you determine what’s wrong. 

A psychiatrist is: 

  • A medical doctor in addition to being a licensed therapist 
  • Able to prescribe clients helpful medication to manage their anxiety symptoms 
  • Better for more persistent or severe cases of anxiety 

On the other hand, our psychologists are able to: 

  • Use therapy to connect with individuals, couples, families, or even friends 
  • Connect with clients to discuss how anxiety is affecting them 
  • Team up with you to create coping strategies that provide you with newfound relief from anxiety 

Neither provider type is better than the other—both provide everyday people with successful ways of coping with the harmful effect of anxiety. 

Are There Different Types of Anxiety? 

You might not be aware that “anxiety” actually refers to a broader set of related mental health conditions. While there are many, some of the common anxiety disorders that our providers assist people with managing include: 

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): This anxiety disorder causes those with it to irrationally fixate on scenarios, tasks, or thought loops.  
  • Social anxiety disorder: This disorder disrupts an individual’s ability to engage comfortably in social interactions. Though the severity of this condition varies, sufferers often feel ostracized from friends and family, and their career and romantic lives might be dramatically affected. 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): An anxiety disorder with no specified triggers. Generalized anxiety might affect multiple areas of someone’s life. 
  • Panic disorder: Those with panic disorders experience panic attacks, which leave them feeling short of breath, dizzy, nauseated, and out of breath.
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD): PTSD afflicts sufferers with flashbacks to intense events that they’ve witnessed or been a part of. This condition can also lead to insomnia, nightmares, or feelings of being emotionally drained.  

Call Thriveworks in Madison, WI for Anxiety Help

If you’re ready to reclaim your freedom and peace of mind from the symptoms of your anxiety, then call Thriveworks in Madison, WI to get started. With the stability and support of one of our mental health professionals, there’s never been a better time to prioritize your emotional wellbeing. 

When you call our office, you’ll be connected with someone from our team of scheduling specialists. They’re available seven days a week and can help you with everything from finding the right provider to getting your insurance set up to cover costs. And those who enroll with us get access to our industry-leading benefits, like: 

  • Our Therapy Buddy app—a great way to measure your progress as you advance through therapy or psychiatric care 
  • Email access to your provider outside of sessions as needed 
  • The digital edition of “Leaving Depression Behind” and other electronic mental health resources 
  • Evening and weekend scheduling availability
  • Same day cancellations and booking

While dealing with your anxiety can be difficult, getting connected with one of our providers isn’t. At Thriveworks in Madison, WI we look forward to assisting you with your mental health needs through anxiety treatment.

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