Speak With a Counseling Psychologist in Idaho Falls, ID

Speak With a Counseling Psychologist in Idaho Falls, ID

If you were to ask the average person about the importance of getting help for mental health issues, there would likely be little disagreement.

However, many people have a difficult time applying this knowledge in their own lives. They may suffer from depression, anxiety, or another form of mental illness but don’t reach out for help. They may struggle in their relationships or have trouble dealing with the death of a loved one, yet think that visiting a psychologist is only for people with more severe issues.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Psychologists help clients deal with all sorts of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues, both big and small. They help couples and families solve deep-rooted problems and work through communication difficulties. They help individuals work through mental and physical symptoms in both the short and long term.

No matter what you may be experiencing, you don’t have to fight it alone. It can be tough to open up to friends and family members, and they may not have the experience and knowledge necessary to offer truly helpful guidance. At Thriveworks Counseling in Idaho Falls, ID our counseling psychologists are ready to offer a trained, third-party perspective to help you get back on the right path.

Who Can Benefit From Working With a Psychologist?

The simple answer is anyone. You don’t have to be experiencing a complete mental breakdown or suicidal thoughts in order to warrant seeing a mental health professional.

Here are some of the many reasons you may benefit from speaking to a licensed psychologist:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Phobias
  • Anger or stress management
  • Major life transitions
  • PTSD, trauma, or abuse
  • Family issues
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Behavioral problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Career counseling and life coaching
  • Marriage or relationship issues

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, a licensed psychologist can offer the experience and support you need to make it through. If you’re ready to get started, make an appointment with Thriveworks Counseling in Idaho Falls, ID today.

How Do Psychologists Help Their Clients?

Psychology is a multi-faceted discipline involving the mind, including conscious and unconscious thoughts as well as behaviors. A licensed psychologist has earned a master’s degree, a doctorate degree, and typically goes on to study one or more specialties. This means they have a strong understanding of many forms of mental illness and can offer guidance to help you through life’s challenges.

To evaluate your condition and determine goals for treatment, you may undergo various forms of psychological testing. This can take the form of direct observation, personality tests, psychological questionnaires, as well as your own self-reporting.

Psychologists typically help their clients by providing some form of talk therapy. Opening up about your feelings and thoughts under a psychologist’s supervision can provide a great deal of insight into the influence your mental processes have on your emotions and behavior.

A counseling psychologist creates a safe and non-judgmental space where you can discuss anything confidentially. This way you can both work toward resolving problematic thought patterns and harmful beliefs. This may also take the form of “homework” such as writing your thoughts and emotions in a journal as well as taking steps to approach situations that formerly intimidated you.

By going through talk therapy sessions you can gain a new perspective and learn coping mechanisms and communication skills to use for many years to come. Working with a psychologist can also help you overcome many mental and emotional roadblocks that were previously standing in the way of achieving your life goals. Many clients leave with a greater appreciation for how they can change their thoughts and habits to more positively influence their moods and behaviors.

If you want to experience the benefits a clinical psychologist can offer, we’re standing by to help at Thriveworks Counseling in Idaho Falls, ID.

Schedule a Psychology Appointment at Thriveworks in Idaho Falls, ID

At Thriveworks Counseling, we believe that everyone who needs access to mental health services should be able to get them. This is why we work hard to ensure our services are available to as many people as possible. If you need a same-day or next-day appointment, we are often able to accommodate. We take many forms of insurance and offer evening and weekend sessions as well.

Clients can also benefit from our online therapy sessions. This is a great way of obtaining help with mental or emotional issues without having to leave your home. Whether you have a physical disability or illness, lack reliable transportation, or have a difficult schedule, this option might be right for you.

Enrolling with Thriveworks Counseling also means you’ll have access to our many exclusive benefits. These include:

  • Flexible rescheduling
  • Advice between appointments by phone or email
  • 24-hour Q&A with a life improvement coach
  • App-based billing and scheduling assistance
  • Exclusive video content from psychology experts
  • Community discussion boards

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, you can find compassionate guidance at Thriveworks Counseling in Idaho Falls. Get started today by making your first appointment.

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