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Relationships Provide Support

A healthy relationship is not an accident. There may seem to be a certain amount of luck involved in finding a person that fits your personality, but whether the relationship lasts requires effort from both partners. Both people in the relationship need to take the time and invest in their partner.

When a relationship is healthy, it improves almost every aspect of your life. You and your partner can support each other and help each other face the inevitable challenges life presents. When it’s working right, a relationship creates a feeling of welcome and comfort that helps insulate you from your worries. That tough day at work suddenly becomes easier with a lunch time text from your partner, enabling you to nail that afternoon presentation. A hug in the kitchen may be all your partner needs to laugh at the days stresses. Striving together as a team allows both of you to accomplish more than you could as two individuals.

Relationships Require Work

Not every relationship remains healthy, though. Thriveworks couples therapists in Hershey PA know that it’s easy for relationships to break down, that small things can lead to larger problems. Unhealthy habits and poor communication can cause stress and get in the way of you and your partner working together.

The results of some unhealthy habits may include:

  • Instead of communicating closely about the coming week’s events, your partner seems more interested in the football game currently playing on the TV.
  • Your partner is quiet around you when you come home from work, instead of the normal conversation you’re used to at the end of the day.
  • Your responses to your partner may be short and sharp, driven more by the day’s problems than your true care and feelings for them.
  • You and your partner seem to only see each other in passing as you’re going from the kids’ soccer games, to the PTA meeting, to the evening work social.

Do you recognize your relationship in any of these examples? If so, your relationship might require more energy and attention.

Relationship Help is Available

Thriveworks therapists and counselors offer help for couples struggling in relationships. Our staff has the education and experience to help you identify the challenges keeping you from a satisfying relationship. Once we’ve worked with you, we can help you develop strategies that allow you to tackle the problems, whether large or small. We want to work with you to address the obstacles keeping you and your partner from working smoothly together.

Take the Next Step

Whether you want a little ‘preventative therapy’ to discuss minor issues or you need support addressing major problems in your relationship, our counselors and therapists want to help. We know that many times couples can feel overwhelmed without some guidance. As we work with you, we can help point out the areas of your relationship that would benefit most from your efforts.

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