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Each week for five seasons, Coach Eric Taylor inspired his players and viewers who tuned into see him work his magic. Before one of the many big games he coached, Taylor called his players into the huddle, “Listen to me. I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.” Good coaches push and challenge and demand the best from their players. They also inspire and encourage and spur their players onto achievements they never imagined. Good coaches set aggressive goals and hold their players accountable to the feat. Each step along the way, good coaches also look their players in the eye and offer encouragement, just like Coach Taylor did, saying, “I am in awe in each and every one of you gentlemen.” That motivation and that encouragement is not just for the football field—it is for all of life. Many people work with a life coach to experience the same results.

Almost everybody could benefit from working with a life coach. There are many, many reasons people reach out for coaching, but two of the most common may be…

  1. There is a goal they want to achieve. When people are striving toward an important goal, they often need an ally for the journey. The goal can be for any area of life—to advance up the career ladder, to establish healthier relationships, to work on one’s health or finance or education. Whatever the goal may be, life coaches may be able to help people set goals to achieve their dreams.
  2. They are facing unexpected life challenges. Life can change in a heartbeat. One moment, everything is smooth, but then a little word (like “divorce,” “lay-off,” “cancer”) can completely upset the balance. What does it look like to face a situation you never expected and have no idea how to tackle? You do not have to do it alone. Life coaches can often help people navigate life’s unexpected challenges.

Can you resonate with any of these two circumstances? Most people can relate to at least one, if not both. Everyone has dreams and hopes. Everyone experiences hardship in life. Working with a life coach has been a huge help to many people as they navigate these life events. That is why the professionals at Thriveworks Erie offer life coaching: we know that everyone needs inspiration, guidance, and encouragement.

The Connection between Success and Self-Awareness

One difficulty that holds people back can be that they have not clearly defined what success means to them. Everybody defines success differently—it’s a very personal idea. For some people, success looks like taking a risk and signing up for online dating. For some people, success looks like taking a course that could set them up for a promotion at work. For some people, success looks like setting up a support system for themselves as they start chemo. Success can be anything. That is why it is so important to clearly define success. That requires people to know who they are, what they need, and how to ask for it, e.g., self-awareness. When people do not know what target they are aiming for, they rarely hit it. When people can clearly see their target, they usually hit it.

A big part of life coaching is allowing people to increase their self-awareness. Life coaches have many exercises to put people in touch with their own weaknesses, strengths, priorities, values, and needs. One of those is “The Miracle Question.” This question asks people to suspend reality for a few minutes so that they can dream and imagine and explore. It comes in many forms, but the basic premise asks people to conceive of life with no problems. What issues would be resolved and what would life look like? Where would you live? Who would be in your life? How would you spend your time? The answers to this question give important insight into what people care about most, what they value, and what they want out of life. Skilled life coaches may be able to help their clients use this self-knowledge to make important goals for their lives.

Life Coaching and Setting Goals

When people set goals, they are simply stating what they value most in life. Much research has shown that setting appropriate goals is often worth the effort. When people set goals, they often achieve more than they ever anticipated. There are many reasons for this, but goals can…

  1. Spur important actions steps.
  2. Cut down on distractions so that people can put their time and energy toward what they care about most.
  3. Align people’s priorities with their actions.
  4. Give motivation for overcoming challenges, setbacks, and difficulty.
  5. Promote self-control.

Meeting with a Thriveworks Erie Life Coach

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