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Occasional anxiety is perfectly normal. Maybe your heart races and your mouth turns dry before a public speaking engagement. Or you feel overwhelmed at work wondering how you’re ever going to complete a project on time.

In those instances, anxiety is healthy and can even be beneficial. Consider it your body’s way of sending up a caution flag. It warns you of the situations you care about or those instances that may prove consequential to your future. It can keep you focused while you prepare for that speech or help you think creatively as you aim to finish all your work before the weekend.

But for some people with anxiety, the rapid heartbeat and stomach flutters don’t go away. They linger, perhaps for months or years, and might grow more intense as time goes on. They can turn into physical symptoms, like headaches or fatigue, that interfere with life.

This sort of anxiety can impact your career, interfere with your family relationships, and even affect your long-term health. When anxiety becomes overwhelming or disabling, it’s a good idea to consider seeking help.

At Thriveworks, our mental health professionals can help you understand what causes your anxiety symptoms and how to manage them. With therapy, and sometimes medication, people with anxiety can find their way back to being happy and confident.

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Primary Causes and Types of Anxiety

If you experience something stronger than run-of-the-mill anxiety, you’re not alone. Millions of people face anxiety disorders. Anxiety can affect anyone; it doesn’t care how old you are, where you live, or how much money you have.

Further, anxiety doesn’t look the same for everyone. One person might feel awkward or even ashamed at being seen in public. Someone else might fear getting onto a plane so much that they can’t fly. Still another person might suffer from unexplained panic attacks that leave them frozen.

Many factors can contribute to anxiety disorders, such as a traumatic life event, aspects of a person’s history, or something stressful from their surroundings. Researchers have also linked some anxiety disorders to genetics, biology, and brain chemistry. In many cases, a combination of these factors can contribute to someone’s anxiety symptoms.

There are also several types of anxiety disorders, each with its own set of symptoms and defining characteristics. One of the most common, known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), is often associated with excessive and chronic worry. Those with GAD might feel overwhelmed by what most people consider ordinary events: taking the kids to school, cleaning the house, or getting the car fixed.

People with a panic disorder, on the other hand, suffer from recurring panic attacks that may disable them. Symptoms range from chest tightness and shortness of breath to uncontrollable shaking and a racing heartbeat. Phobias, such as the fear of heights or fear of flying, can cause people to go to great lengths to avoid them.

With anxiety counseling, people confronting these and other disorders often can find effective ways to manage them. If you think counseling might help, consider making an appointment at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

How Anxiety Therapy Works

Since anxiety can present itself in different ways, anxiety treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. To determine the best course of action, your mental health professional will ask you about your symptoms, learn about your current stressors, and discuss your medical history. Once they have a better understanding of your situation, they can develop a program that addresses your specific needs.

Mental health professionals have several methods to treat anxiety. Anxiety treatment may include one or many types of therapy, prescription medications, or a combination of treatment options.

Therapy can take several forms. For instance, a counselor might use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you identify and change negative thought patterns. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) can teach you coping mechanisms to deal with issues that are causing symptoms. Exposure therapy slowly and carefully exposes you to situations or things that cause fear to lessen their negative impact.

If you’re ready to try anxiety therapy, call today for an appointment at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

Talk With a Therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Elk Grove, CA

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. With support from a licensed mental health professional, you can begin to understand and manage your symptoms.

At Thriveworks, we make anxiety counseling accessible. Our mental health professionals offer daytime hours, along with evening and weekend appointments for maximum flexibility. New clients can often see a therapist or counselor within 24-48 hours of calling, and sometimes even on the very same day.

If in-person therapy doesn’t fit your schedule, Thriveworks offers online therapy, allowing you to attend a session without leaving home. We accept many major insurance plans, have a generous cancellation policy, and support you further with an enhanced benefit plan. You can take advantage of between-session advice by phone and email and participate in our Q&A life coaching service.

If you want to reduce anxiety and take control of your life, call today for an appointment at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

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