Schedule Marriage and Couples Therapy in Elk Grove, CA

Schedule Marriage and Couples Therapy in Elk Grove, CA

Your relationship was magical at first, bursting with loving moments and a deep friendship. The bond grew stronger over the years, despite the occasional heated argument. Every couple has them, you thought. They will make us stronger.

But lately, the friction in your relationship has grown thicker and more obstructive. Sometimes you argue over seemingly insignificant things. You might even stop talking for days at a time. What happened? You feel like the relationship has changed and you’re becoming anxious about its future.

If this sounds familiar, you and your partner might benefit from couples and marriage counseling. You don’t have to wait until your relationship is on the brink of disaster to speak with a marriage and family therapist. People seek out couples counseling for many reasons: to resolve conflicts, regain intimacy, improve communication, and cope with major life transitions.

By talking through their issues with a couples therapist, partners can begin to find common ground again and restore some of that early magic. If you’re ready to give couples counseling a try, reach out to schedule an appointment at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

Common Reasons To Seek Relationship Counseling

Counseling can help couples work through a variety of issues that range in severity from mild to catastrophic. Communication problems often lie at the core of many relationship issues — you may grow frustrated with the way your partner acts, reacts, or responds. Your partner may start to spend more time at work, making the distance between you feel bigger than ever. You may have even stopped speaking altogether.

Several other issues might prompt you to consider couples therapy, including:

  • Parenting conflicts
  • Arguments about money
  • Diminishing romance or intimacy issues
  • A feeling that you’ve drifted apart
  • Infidelity or a lack of trust
  • An inability to forgive each other for past mistakes
  • Disagreements that don’t resolve
  • Substance abuse issues

Relationships don’t have to be on the verge of collapse to benefit from couples counseling. In many cases, an impartial voice can lend a fresh viewpoint or help to solve problems before they threaten the foundation of your relationship. With couples counseling, partners can address these core issues before they become overwhelming.

If you’ve faced one of these concerns and think you’d benefit from a trained, third-party perspective, then consider making an appointment with a couples therapist at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

Types of Couples Therapy

Communication lies at the center of a healthy relationship. Couples that speak freely and honestly are often able to work through hard times more effectively and come out the other side stronger than ever. Through couples counseling, you can learn how to build communication habits that bring you closer together, not farther apart.

Some of the more common forms of couples therapy include:

  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT): This form of therapy is based on the concept that relationship conflicts are often rooted in a fear of being abandoned. Emotionally focused couples therapy teaches partners how to meet each other’s emotional needs and develop new communication styles to effectively tackle old problems.
  • The Gottman Method: This form of therapy helps partners alleviate patterns of conflict by reducing moments of defensiveness and disrespect and fostering more opportunities for fondness and admiration.
  • Narrative therapy: Narrative therapy helps to resolve relationship conflicts by challenging the stories we tell ourselves and encouraging partners to look at their problems in a new way.

Unsure what method of couples therapy would work best? Don’t worry. Your counselor or therapist will help you explore the causes of your relationship friction and choose the right approach to address them.

If you’re ready to give couples counseling a try, consider making an appointment at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

Make a Couples Counseling Appointment in Elk Grove, CA

If you’re facing a difficult time in your relationship, it’s important to know that it’s possible to recapture the deep bond you once shared. Couples counseling is often the first step in getting there.

Thriveworks makes the process of seeing a couples therapist easy and accessible. Appointments can be scheduled on weekdays, weeknights, and even weekends, whichever works better for you. Newcomers to couples counseling can often schedule an appointment to be seen within 24-48 hours of reaching out.

If in-person counseling doesn’t fit your schedule, online therapy is also available via phone or video. Many people prefer online counseling because it allows them to hold a session from home, where they might be more comfortable discussing delicate personal matters.

We accept many major insurance plans and offer a flexible cancellation policy. Plus, with the Thriveworks Difference, you can take advantage of additional benefits such as our life coaching Q&A, the Therapy Buddy app, and exclusive video content.

If your relationship is facing hardship, you don’t have to wait until it’s beyond repair to get help. Consider making an appointment today for couples counseling at Thriveworks in Elk Grove, CA.

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