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If you are not getting enough sleep each night, it may feel like most people sleep through the night without any problems. But instead, you may be waking earlier than you want… Or you may have trouble falling asleep… Or you may even seemingly sleep, but then you wake exhausted in the morning. Unfortunately, insomnia is a problem many people face at some point in their lives. If you are experiencing disrupted sleep, you are not the only one.

Many people have sought and found the help they need to overcome insomnia through cognitive behavior therapy. Therapists who treat insomnia often address the sleep disruption’s foundational causes and give practical suggestions for facilitate sleep. Many people have restored their lost sleep through cognitive behavior therapy.

The therapists who treat insomnia at Brooklyn, NY want to help. They offer personalized treatment and have helped many clients improve their night’s sleep.

Insomnia Disrupts Sleep

Each person experiences insomnia differently, but insomnia always disrupts sleep.

  • Waking Up Too Early — Some easily fall asleep at the same time everyday. However, they have a difficult time staying asleep and usually wake up after an hour or two of rest. Some nights, they can fall asleep again after being awake for a while. Other nights, they begin their day after only a short sleep.
  • Difficulty Falling Asleep — Others experience insomnia as difficulty falling asleep. They may lie in bed most of the night before they fall asleep. Once sleep finally comes, they only have a few hours before their alarm will sound. Some nights, they may not fall asleep at all.
  • Restless Sleep — Some people seemingly receive a full night’s sleep, but they wake more tired instead of refreshed. For those who experience insomnia in this way, sleep does not restore, but it exhausts them.

Why do some people experience these sleep disturbances? Insomnia has many possible causes, but it is often rooted in emotional health problems, physical health problems, or stress from significant life transitions.

Emotional health problems often have insomnia as a side effect. Depression and anxiety disorders can cause or increase sleep disruptions.

Physical health problems or changes may cause insomnia. Chronic pain, menopause, and hyperthyroidism often trigger bouts of insomnia.

Significant life transitions often come with stress and that stress may trigger insomnia. Divorce, job changes, moves, and more can leave people vulnerable to a sleep disturbance.

Side Effects of Disrupted Sleep

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  1. Drowsiness throughout the day.
  2. Difficulty focusing at work or school.
  3. Forgetting important tasks or details.
  4. Close calls while driving.
  5. A lower sex drive.
  6. Difficulty controlling anger.

Insomnia often comes with many negative side effects in daily life. It’s understandable why losing sleep would be so disruptive. Sleep can rejuvenate people’s bodies and minds. Rest boosts memory and other cognitive abilities. A few of the physical benefits of sleep include increasing the immunity system, healing injuries, and curbing inflammation. If insomnia keeps people from sleeping, it also keeps them from receiving these benefits.

Instead, insomnia often leaves people with a heightened risk of certain health problems such as …

  • diabetes
  • depression
  • heart disease
  • anxiety disorders

Are you satisfied with the amount of sleep you receive each night? If you need more sleep than you are currently able to get, know that Brooklyn, NY’s therapists who treat insomnia have offered effective treatment to many of their clients.

Why Insomnia Therapy at Brooklyn, NY?

Our professionals take a thorough approach to insomnia therapy. They help clients make practical changes that may promote sleep. Our professionals also identify and treat any root causes for the sleep disturbance.

Insomnia’s Root Causes

To maintain healthy sleep patterns for the long-term, anything that may be causing the sleep disruptions needs treatment. Insomnia’s root cause can vary, but our therapists work individually with clients to identify the specific help they need. Generally, three common problems often trigger insomnia:

  • False Beliefs — After a few hard nights, some begin to think Normal sleep will never happen again or I am an awful sleeper. These beliefs hinder a good night’s sleep and they are not true. Our therapists help their clients replace false beliefs with rational ones.
  • Big Life Changes — Our professionals often help their clients form healthy coping methods to handle stress from big life changes so that the stress does not manifest as insomnia.
  • Anxiety — An anxiety disorder can cause insomnia, and insomnia can cause an anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, sleep disturbances and anxiety are often linked. Our therapists can help their clients with treatment for the anxiety disorder and the insomnia.

Practical Changes for Better Sleep

Making a few, informed changes during the day may lead to better sleep at night. During insomnia therapy, our counselors often help these clients make these necessary changes.

Practical changes for better sleep may involve…

  • Ensuring your bedroom is a conducive sleeping environment
  • Adjusting exercise amount and time of day
  • Setting a consistent wake-up time and bedtime
  • Restricting caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Learning and practicing meditation techniques

Brooklyn, NY’s insomnia therapists do not have an easy, magic formula for better sleep, but they have helped many clients make healthy changes that overtime lead to more rest. Is it time for you to seek professional help with your insomnia? Can you see these treatments benefitting you? If so, the insomnia therapists at Brooklyn, NY are ready to help.

Appointments are Available

When insomnia disrupts your night, daily life is disrupted too, so we want to scheduling an appointment for insomnia therapy easier. We accept many insurance plans, and our therapists also offer weekend and night appointments.

Insomnia therapy appointments are available, sometimes even the next day. Call to schedule your appointment with an Brooklyn, NY insomnia therapists.

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