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If you’re sick with the flu, you’ll likely spend a day or two in bed to rest. Maybe this means you’ll get behind on your to-do list, but you understand that your health is most important. If the illness persists, you might even go see your medical doctor. You know you should rest or get help because you’re listening to the messages your body is sending you. You accept you have the flu and do what’s in your control to feel better.

But if you’re experiencing a mental illness, you might be inclined to treat yourself differently. If depression had you bedridden, your head might fill with thoughts of self-loathing, wondering why you can’t just get up. There’s no thermometer to tell you that your constant worrying is actually indicative of an anxiety disorder, and not just you experiencing the standard worries of daily life.

But you know when something’s off. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a mental disorder or are going through a difficult time, consider reaching out to the counseling psychologists at Thriveworks in Bismarck, ND. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and we’re here to provide compassionate and experienced support for a wide range of mental and emotional health issues.

When Should Someone See a Licensed Psychologist?

Someone might avoid seeking help from a psychologist because without any obvious physical symptoms, they can convince themselves to ignore their mental health issues. Or, they might feel that their issues are so severe that they’re unfixable. But our clinical psychologists can help, whether you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, you’re struggling with substance abuse, you just feel like something is “off,” or something else entirely.

Here are some signs that you might want to reach out to one of our providers:

  • You’re engaging with unhealthy habits or experiencing addiction
  • You no longer find joy in your hobbies
  • You feel isolated from the people around you
  • You experience drastic shifts in mood, seemingly without reason
  • Your self-esteem is persistently low
  • You’re having trouble coping with the death of a loved one
  • You’re having difficulty sleeping normally
  • You can’t seem to concentrate anymore
  • You feel hopeless and out of control

We understand how scary experiencing these situations can feel. It is not something you want to do alone. That’s why our licensed psychologists in Bismarck, ND are here to support you throughout your mental health journey.

Who Do Psychologists Do?

Psychologists are mental health experts with advanced degrees and clinical training. Their in-depth understanding of the mind allows them to identify, diagnose, and treat mental health issues ranging from mild to severe.

When you sit down for your first sessions with a psychologist, they’ll ask you about the challenges you’re facing, but they’ll also likely discuss your emotions, your medical history, and your goals for treatment. Getting to know who you are will help them better address the issues you’re facing and provide you with long-term solutions you can use even after you no longer attend therapy.

Some general skills you might work on with your psychologist could be:

  • Tolerating distress and difficult emotions
  • Identifying your triggers
  • Communicating effectively and standing up for yourself
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Identifying and addressing harmful thought patterns
  • Processing grief and loss effectively
  • Coping with symptoms
  • Navigating your relationships
  • Staying in the present moment via meditation exercises

In addition to talk therapy, your psychologist might determine that you could benefit from medication as part of your treatment plan. If that’s the case, they’ll connect you with a Thriveworks psychiatrist who can prescribe medication directly and help you manage your prescription.

Remember that as you’re working on your mental health, you may be unlearning years of dysfunctional thinking patterns that have been reinforced time and time again. It may take time to work through your issues but our licensed psychologists are here to guide you each step of the way.

When you’re ready to get started, contact us at Thriveworks in Bismarck, ND to make an in-person or online appointment.

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