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We thoroughly believe that each and every single person out there can improve their life by partnering up with a counselor, therapist, or life coach. In fact, our sole mission at Thriveworks is to help you take significant steps toward living a more enriched life. That might mean cutting out some bad habits that you can’t seem to shake, like eating ample amounts of junk food or drinking half a bottle of wine every other night. Or, it might mean learning to communicate better with your spouse and figuring out how to light that old flame again.

The point is that a mental health professional can help you identify any problem areas in your life and assist you in working through these challenges in an organized, productive manner. Our experts at Thriveworks Stoughton know this to be true, as they’ve helped countless clients thrive in life through counseling, therapy, or life coaching. Are you ready to join the masses who have found value in mental health care? Start your journey at Thriveworks Stoughton.

How Can a Mental Health Professional Help Me?

The counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Stoughton are experts in the field of mental health. They understand all of the daily stressors, as well as the unique stressors, that their clients might be facing; and, perhaps more importantly, they know how to help them overcome these obstacles. Here are a few challenges that these professionals see in their practice:

  • Harmful behaviors (like unhealthy eating or drinking habits)
  • Mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety
  • Relationship issues (e.g., infidelity, jealousy, etc.)
  • Problematic thinking patterns
  • Struggles with major life transitions

This is an incomplete list of the issues clients present in therapy or counseling. The truth is that whatever is on your plate, whatever is weighing you down, a provider at Thriveworks Stoughton can help you through it. They can help you better understand, manage, or even overcome the challenge that stands in your way of a happy, healthy, or successful life.

What Does Counseling Look Like?

Our providers tailor their sessions to each client after carefully considering their needs and goals. That said, the ultimate goal is to help you become a better you: a more joyful, less-stressed you. Here are a few examples of how a counselor can help you do just that:

    These days, you just haven’t felt like, well, you. You’re normally pretty happy: you have an amazing job, you couldn’t ask for a more loving family, and your boyfriend is the best you could ever imagine. But lately, you don’t feel as excited about going to work. You can’t remember the last time you called your parents. And you don’t have any energy to put into your relationship. After a few weeks like this, and growing concern among your loved ones, you decide to meet with a counselor. They ask what’s brought you into counseling, so you list your odd changes in mood and behavior. Flash forward a month down the road, and you’re already feeling better. Your counselor diagnosed you with a minor form of depression and has since helped you manage all that comes with the condition. Each week—with the occasional bad day here and there—you feel more and more like yourself.

    Lately, you and your girlfriend haven’t been getting along. You aren’t sure why, but everything you do seems to set her off: like getting seconds at dinner, watching TV, and spending any ounce of time with your friends. You love her and want to stay together, but you can’t keep living this way. After contemplating a few different options, you decide to meet with a couples counselor. Much to your surprise, your girlfriend’s excited about it. Within the first couple sessions, your counselor helps the two of you open up about underlying feelings and challenges that have proven detrimental to your relationship. You both feel confident about the progress you’ll make moving forward in counseling.

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Do you think you could benefit from working with a skilled, caring mental health professional? We think everyone can. Schedule an appointment with a counselor, therapist, or life coach at Thriveworks Stoughton today. These providers are experts in their field, and they are eager to assist you on your mental health journey.

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  Thriveworks Typical Counseling Practice
Offices open early and late
Same- or next-day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Care at 100+ locations
Phone access to your provider between sessions
Email access to your provider between sessions
Providers that accept major insurance plans
Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
Ask-a-coach 24hr Q&A
Text support via our Success Navigator
Exclusive video content
Counselor-moderated community discussion
Ultra-flexible 23.5hr cancellations
A free e-copy of “Leaving Depression Behind”
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Thriveworks Counseling Stoughton

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experience with this agency. Thriveworks is not just a group of therapists committed to seeing clients, it is a team of extremely talented clinical staff. Everyone, from administrators to clinicians share the belief that treatment can and does positively change the trajectory of the lives of those clients who present for treatment. I am certain that this very experienced and caring staff will be the catalyst to help each and every client who seeks to make positive changes in their lives. I look forward to becoming a part of this journey with you.

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Thriveworks Counseling Stoughton

Stoughton office

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e box. His professionalism and patience is impeccable. Highly recommend his services to anyone.

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Thriveworks Counseling Stoughton

Stoughton Area Counseling

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hers in the best way he could. Would definitely recommend this group!

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