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Counselors and Coaches in Bristol – Life Coaching, Anxiety, Depression

The process of scheduling a counseling, therapy or coaching appointment should not be cause for frustration, but it is for many. Thriveworks is here to end that frustration.

While many people come to our office to simply check in with themselves and their progress, others begin looking for a clinician during a state of heightened emotional duress — often having already spent several weeks, months or even years dealing with the hurt alone.

In the latter scenario, you wouldn’t want to spend another few weeks waiting for relief, you want that relief to come swiftly. Leaving several voicemails trying to find someone who can meet with you in a timely fashion and accept your insurance can significantly worsen your frustration.

At Thriveworks Bristol Counseling, we know how taxing this process can be for many, so we invented a new approach to counseling that aims to provide you with the help you need, when you need it — not weeks later. From the time you call until your first appointment, we make the progression as inviting and as simple as possible, whether you choose in-person or online counseling.

You’re invited to begin thriving!”

We wouldn’t be where and who we are if we didn’t believe everyone has the potential to benefit from counseling and coaching — to thrive.

Perhaps one of the following situations seems familiar:

  • You’ve been recently separated from your spouse and don’t know if reconciliation is possible
  • Your child’s school performance has suddenly plummeted, and you can’t figure out why
  • You and your significant other are thinking about getting married and want to begin premarital (or pre-engagement) counseling
  • A close loved one recently passed away, and you need help overcoming your grief
  • You have inexplicable aches and pains that do not go away with medical treatment
  • You or your spouse has mentioned feeling unfulfilled sexually

You no doubt have your own hardships. These problems themselves are not shameful or tragic unto themselves. What is tragic, however, is going through going through these issues alone and not reaching out to someone who has had great success helping other overcome similar situations.

No matter what obstacles and forks come across our life’s path, understand that you are not alone. Relief is available. Reach out to Thriveworks Bristol Counseling to get started.

Join the millions who have already experienced how a counselor or coach can teach you how to:

  1. Set and achieve goals
  2. Work through challenging relationships and life issues
  3. Pursue inner strength and personal growth

Call today for in-person counseling or online therapy. We’re ready to help you.

Counseling and coaching address an aspect of our overall health that is often left ignored.

People often obsess about their external appearance (sometimes at the cost of their overall health), but neglect to give appropriate attention to their mental wellness. Without achieving a balance in the mind and the body, it’s easy for negative, untrue interpretations of reality to set in and turn simple tasks and decisions into overwhelming burdens.

Wellness involves the whole of the person.

The mental health professionals at Thriveworks Bristol Counseling are well versed in the numerous reasons why people pursue therapy, which include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
  • Grief counseling
  • Child therapy
  • Suspected abuse of a child
  • Psychiatric testing
  • Anger management
  • Addiction issues
  • Life coaching
  • Life transitions such as divorce or loss of a job

6 months in and still coming. Have been helped immensely. Safety, convenience, compassion and (!) late hours really helped me commit.”

When Thriveworks Counseling began in 2008, our mission was to help clients dramatically improve their lives, careers and relationships. From our humble beginnings in a one room, windowless office, Thriveworks now serves thousands of clients (including individuals, couples and families) every year, with 17 locations and counting — but our mission has remained the same. We are proud to be offering coaching and therapy services in Bristol, Tennessee.

Thriveworks therapists and coaches have earned degrees from academically rigorous institutions, and are fully licensed to provide clinical counseling services. Our counselors are leaders in the field and have appeared in many trusted news outlets, such as, Mashable, The Cult of Mac, Bleacher Report, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Counseling Today, CNN, Prevention, Newsday, AJC, The Monitor, and more. They are also constantly participating in respected continuing education programs, to ensure that they stay on the cutting edge of therapy knowledge and techniques.

Our clinicians at Thriveworks Bristol Counseling accept nearly all major insurance plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, and many others.

No Waiting Lists: Sessions within 24 Hours

Some counselors think that having a waiting list is a sign of professional success. We see it as a sign of a poorly managed practice.

As stated earlier, we at Thriveworks believe that everyone can benefit from counseling or coaching, that everyone has the potential to find meaning, balance and fulfillment in life. We don’t believe you should have to wait several weeks (or months) to experience relief, however.

We want you to receive the care you need, when you need it, so when you call Thriveworks, one of our friendly scheduling specialists will set you up with an appointment for the same week, if not within 24 hours of your call to us.

Concierge-Level Access to Your Coach or Counselor

Every Thriveworks Bristol Counseling client receives the phone number and email address of his or her therapist or life coach, and has an open invitation to reach out to him or her — even without an appointment.

Extended Evening and Weekend Hours

Thriveworks Bristol Counseling offers session times that suit your schedule, with appointments available during the daytime, evening and on weekends. Our current hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Even if you need an appointment outside of our posted schedule, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team has been known to schedule clients outside of our already extended hours.

Contact Thriveworks Bristol Counseling

Thriveworks helped me realize that I do believe people can change. I’m not the person I was three months ago, broken and fearful. I’m healthy and happy and for the first time being kind to myself. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

You can thrive. We can help. Whether you’re going through a difficult period, looking to overcome a long-term problem or simply interested in strengthening your career and relationships, we are here for you.

Literally, there is no time like the present. The past is gone and the future has yet to arrive — all you have is now, which is the perfect time to get started.

Our Clients Get More

We call this The Thriveworks Difference

Thriveworks Typical Counseling Practice
Offices open early and late
Same- or next-day appointments
Appointments start on time Unlikely
Care at 310+ locations
Phone access to your provider between sessions
Email access to your provider between sessions
Providers that accept major insurance plans
Online counseling opportunities Unlikely
Ask-a-coach 24hr Q&A
Text support via our Success Navigator
Exclusive video content
Ultra-flexible 23.5hr cancellations
A free e-copy of "Leaving Depression Behind"
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Patricia Starbird

I highly recommend Trish! She is very helpful, kind, compassionate and excellent at getting down to the roots of the problem. I have made more progress with her than I have with multiple therapists in several different cities. P.S--EMDR therapy sounds totally crazy, but it has significantly helped me. Give it a try!
Thriveworks Counseling Bristol

I learned a lot

Dr Mike Pilcher took me under his wing and coached me through one of the biggest decisions of my life...opening a new business. At one point...well more than once...I felt like pulling my hair out and his calm demeanor and no BS approach really helped me get focused and confident. I was able to really pour on the steam and my business is doing well as a result. Dr. P is a great counselor and a man I respect. Call him...I still do to this day.
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