Videoconference counseling is the online counseling method that most closely resembles an in-person encounter.

With videoconference counseling, both the counselor and client are able to view each other from the shoulder-level up, by use of an Internet video camera (i.e., webcam). Both parties are able to speak verbally back-and-forth in real time. The experience is so true to life, many persons who use videoconference say they “forget” the person they are talking to is not there in-person with them.

However, there are some exceptions to the videoconference experience. If only one person has a microphone, that person might speak verbally, while the other person might type. If only one person has a webcam, that person might be visible, but not the other. And perhaps the most interesting variety of videoconference counseling is video-email, which is when two persons communicate using audio and video, but the conversation does not take place in real time.

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