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Why choose online counseling?

James lives in a small rural town. Not only doesn’t he want others to know he’s been having panic attacks, the only therapist around is his sister-in-law.

Ken and his wife both work full-time jobs. By the time they’re both off work, the local counseling center is closed.

Greg is a Hispanic American hoping to find a counselor who speaks Spanish and understands his cultural heritage. There’s no one like this within 100 miles of his home.

Ryan feels so ashamed that he could never bring himself to look a counselor in the eye.

The last “professional” Jamie saw made a pass at her. She vows to never be in a situation like that again.

Sam has medical conditions that make it very difficult for her to travel. She wishes there was still a way she could connect with a helpful therapist.

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Online counseling is a broad category, and if you ask five clinical professionals for a definition, you might get five very different answers. While online counseling has a long track record, some say such services are not “real therapy,” but is instead a counseling-like process that may be “therapeutic.” Still, others state adamantly that online counseling is a professional clinical service—and is therefore accountable to all the ethical rules and regulations that police traditional (in-person) counseling.

In the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Anthony Centore, he states the following:
Since the beginning, mental health counseling practices have endured many theoretical shifts—from Freudian, To Jungian, to Rogerian, and so on. However, a recent shift concerns not therapeutic theory but the medium through which counseling is provided. While historically counseling relationships have developed through scheduled in-person communications between counselor and client, telephone and online technologies now offer new paths for the formation of those healing relationships.
Today, online counseling seems to encompass a variety of services that range from non-professional or para-professional guidance (such as lay counseling and life coaching services), to the provision of professional mental health therapy over the web.

Online counseling is often seen as the “new way” to connect with a caring, qualified mental health professional.

On the contrary, online counseling has been around in some form for more than 30 years! The field has a long rich history of both providers and researchers. The American Counseling Association has had published ethical guidelines for online mental health services for more than a decade.

Thriveworks is a trusted brand of counseling and coaching services with more than 25 locations throughout 11 states. Now, with Thriveworks Online Counseling, clients can connect with a licensed counselor through either HIPAA compliant videoconference (or simply by telephone).

While online counseling and services aren’t for everyone, there are decades of research showing that therapy by telephone and over the web can be effective treating a wide range of mental health and personal life issues.

In fact, online and telephone based services have been especially helpful for clients who find (1) have few qualified counselors in their area, (2) feel uncomfortable meeting with a therapist in person and (3) prefer to connect with a counselor from the comfort of their home (or office).
If you’re seeking online therapy or coaching, we hope our services are a fit for you. That said, if you’re seeking a more traditional in-person counseling experience, Thriveworks has many “brick and mortar” locations, and more opening all the time.

To learn more, follow the prompts from our homepage, or simply call us at 1-855-2-THRIVE.

Only 10% of depressed people who are referred by a physician to seek mental health services ever receive those services? Why is this? Is it because they do not want to get well, or are there other factors?

As you might guess, the reasons are many—among them the problem is that acquiring counseling services is too difficult.

Not at Thriveworks. Thriveworks counselors provide premium care with a focus on customer service. Our counselors are respected leaders in the field, and appointments for individual or couples counseling are available within 24 hours of your call to us.

Are you ready for a positive and growth-focused counseling experience? We’re looking forward to talking with you! Call us anytime at 1-855-2-THRIVE.

Our Counselors practice in brick and mortar locations across the US, but can meet with you online also. Online Counseling helps make counseling convenient.

A growing number of insurance companies and health plans are paying for counseling services provided at a distance. When services are covered by insurance, the out-of-pocket cost to clients can be as low as one’s normal co-pay to visit a doctor or mental health provider in person. To determine if your specific insurance plan will reimburse for online counseling services, simply call the number of the back of your insurance card. Thriveworks is in network with many major insurance plans. If your plan covers online care, we’ll be happy to get authorization for services, accept your benefits, and schedule your first session right away.