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About Online Counseling

If you’re on this page, you might be new to online counseling. In fact, with the recent surge of articles and media attention on the topic of online counseling services, one might be led to believe that such services are something invented this year.

On the contrary, online counseling has been around in some form since the dawn of the Internet (1980s or earlier) in the form of online discussion groups, the first large online clinics appeared in the mid 1990s and The American Counseling Association has published an ethical code for online services for more than a decade. It surprises many that online counseling — while still exciting — is not new, and that there’s a long rich history of both online counseling providers and researchers.

Today, with Thriveworks Online Counseling, clients can connect with a licensed counselor through both HIPAA compliant videochat or by telephone. (It’s no surprise, telephone counseling has been around even longer — for more than 60 years. The Samaritans created the first mental health helpline in the 1950s.)

To date, there are decades of research and thousands of pages showing that telephone and online counseling services can be effective for the treatment of a variety of mental health and personal life issues.

In fact, online counseling has been especially helpful for clients who find (1) the accessibility of counselors in their area lacking, (2) feel uncomfortable meeting with a counselor in person and (3) appreciate the ability to participate in counseling from the comfort of their home (or office).

We hope our online counseling services are a fit for you. With that said, if you’re looking for a more traditional in-person counseling experience, Thriveworks has more than a dozen “brick and mortar” locations, and more opening all the time.

To learn more, follow the prompts from our homepage, or simply call us at 1-855-2-THRIVE.

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Using Insurance to Pay for Online Counseling

A growing number of insurance companies and health plans are paying for counseling services provided at a distance. When services are covered by insurance, the out-of-pocket cost to clients for online counseling can be as low as one’s typical co-pay to visit a doctor or counselor in person. To determine if your specific plan will reimburse for online counseling, simply call the number of the back of your insurance card. Then, if your insurance plan covers online care, give us a call. Thriveworks is in network with many major insurance plans. If your plan covers online care, we’ll be happy to get authorization for services, accept your benefits, and set you up with a session with a mental health professional right away.

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Paying out of pocket for online counseling services? We work to make our therapy services—provided by highly experienced and licensed mental health professionals—as affordable as possible. We have special rates for online counseling.
25-minute sessions are $50.
50-minute sessions are $90.

Online coaching sessions are offered at the same price.

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